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Thread: Random Reviews #2: "The Ocean On His Shoulders"

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    arrow Random Reviews #2: "The Ocean On His Shoulders"

    I haven't played Bioshock. My computer is a bit too old to run it at full specs, and that wonderful architectural design for Rapture deserves to be seen in the highest detail. So I'm stuck watching my friend play it at my his house, whenever I go over.

    Maybe later I'll do a soundtrack review that no one will bother reading.

    For now, here's "The Ocean On His Shoulders".

    Obvious Objectivism references aside, this is my personal pick of the bunch. Although I'm just as much a fan of the period cues ("Under The Sea" ftw) I feel that don't work as well outside the game, and by that I mean when you listen to them, it's hard to identify them with that grand, undersea dystopia. Gary Schyman's score, on the other hand, brings you back to that world, wherever and whenever you hear it.

    I'm sure there's something to be said about the symmetrical nature of this track, starting and ending in wild dissonance, but the melancholic strings will always be the focus, and it's difficult to describe. It's those damn strings: how Schyman can switch between dark chaos and magnificent beauty is something I'll always be in envy of. I especially love how the sound of the ocean from inside the bathysphere and other effects are overlayed perfectly at the start and end of the track. This is atmosphere, folks.

    A picture can say a thousand words, and a song must say many more then that, more then I'm going to say here. So the only other thing I am going to say is "I plead you"; immerse yourself, for just two minutes of your time, in this beautiful, tragic piece of Rapture.


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    Next Review: Most definitely next week, even if no one loves me. It'll probably be....something. Suggestions are always appreciated.
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