Fucking genious idea. Pity it only works in pokemon Red and Blue. Remember that missingno. glitch? You know the one where on the right side of Cinnabar if you surf on the coast the game programers forgot to put in the pokemon for that strip so the default is the place you where last. Well has any of you ever thought to do that for the SAFFARI ZONE. Yes you can just go to the saffari zone part where Chansey is and then ditch out and fly to Cinnabar and surf on the coast. Saffari zone pokemon will appear and they won't run away and shit its a real wild battle. That makes catching Chansey like 100 times easier when you see the motherfucker. Just status and bring down HP and its yours. Of course the motherfucking bitch still is rare but when you do find it you don't waste like 10 pokeballs on it and the things runs away anyway.