this is a review segment that was inspired by the nostalgia critic

ok, so here's the premise. i take a new album or a remake/reissue of an artist, and compare it to an older/the original album.

its not too complicated.

today, i'll be tackling a very recent reissue, and compare it to its original release (issued in 2001).

this, is major organ and the adding machine!

ok, now here's the first comparison:

the organization:

ok, in the newer issue, there are 26 songs vs the original 19. the extra 7 songs really do add substance and 2 songs that are just beautifully presented. the only thing that really bugs me is the added filler tunes. 4 of the 7 new songs add nothing to the mix, and they actually feel like they ruin the ending with the remake of "what a wonderful world". the original was charming, adventurous, out of the norm, and ended with a powerhouse performance. less is more in this situation.

old wins in this situation.


the quality:

the sound is definitely more refined and remastered in the reissue. they even fixed a small loop issue in "your moonpie eye". i was really impressed how they truly wanted the reissue to be audibly superior to the original, even if the original has a timeless feel, but this isn't comparing its place in time.

new wins in this situation

and finally...

the value:

ok, now this is more of a personal preference, but i'll try not to be bias. the reissue has 26 songs, and a DVD with music videos and the major organ and the adding machine hour long motion picture, however, it comes in a cardboard case. the original album comes by itself in a hard plastic case. now, in my opinion, i HATE paper cases. they are easy to destroy, they look cheaply made, and they are incredibly unappealing to me. another problem i have with the new one is that the motion picture is sort of a letdown, even if it does have a few laughs (but you'd probably not buy it unless you knew you were getting into something weird). and as for the album, i personally love the original issue because of its simplicity, its plastic case which should be manditory, and it has the artwork that the reissue leaves out.

its really a personal preference of quality vs. quantity, and i'd have to side with the old on this one. you may like the extra content and the movie, but i'd rather have a timeless album with just enough in it to be a fun time, and not seem cluttered.

old wins overall!!!

i'll continue to find albums to review in this fashon, and i'll also take requests

thanks for reading!