EP 2!!! the strokes


10 years between them. this is the true decision of whether or not this band has gotten better over this time. lets dive right on in!

the organization:

"is this it" encompasses one of the very finest intros i have ever heard for their style of music with the self title'd track, while its ending is sudden and begs for a better exit. angles is quite the contrary, with a mediocre intro, great middle tracks, and a grandiose ending. its a tough decision to make. i'd actually say the old has this one because it was more original for the time, and its simply a more focused album.


the quality:

this one is obviously for the new, since the vocalist doesn't sound like he's being recorded over skype, and the instruments are focused on as the main attraction rather than the lyrics, evening out the balance. it has a bunch of brilliant moments where the bass really flourishes with the cool 90's ish style of the guitar solos. "angles" was a-shoo'in for this one.


the value:

um... ohhh this is tough. most people bought "angles" out of nostalgia, but after listening to it, its definitely a top-notch 2011 release, while its counterpart has gone down in price hysterically over the years... hmm... this is a really tough decision, but i'll go with "Angles" because its quality and interesting instrumental work tower over the 2001 opus "Is This It". it could definitely be up to the listener, but i'd actually suggest both albums. (angles a bit more though)