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Thread: top 10 "BULL SHIT!!!" pokemon

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    Like you'd look for me, pffft...


    This list could use improvement...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pants,_and_the_beast_dwelling_within View Post
    Negr O's! now with marshmallow bling and chicken!
    Quote Originally Posted by The Editor View Post
    I swear allegiance to Midnight, the coolest person ever to grace the internet :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by pichubro View Post
    I can explain Mr. Mime. The Japanese name was Barrier'd, so that would've sounded lame. And this was the era before true "genders" so they so no problem with Mr. Mime (though, really, you can tell what hidden gender it was based on stats). Blame Pokemon USA for not thinking ahead.

    Seriously, the only reason we didn't have genders in the first generation was because of this glitch. Every female pokemon would've turned into that.
    thanks for that history , but honestly, if they DID add genders and they DID pay attention of motherly pokemon being female, and the steer pokemon being male, then why diddnt they take the only pokemon with a gender in its US name, and make it only male? its just ultra-lazy bullshit

    Quote Originally Posted by pichubro View Post
    And you don't like Farfetch'd because it doesn't evolve? What are you, stupid? I bet you also hate Lapras, Absol, Ditto, Pinsir, Tauros and Skarmory for the same reason?
    i never said it was solely because it cant evolve. and i DO like farfetch'd. it looks cool, it has a unique pool, but its stats, and the fact that its a beginners trap in R/B/Y/FR/LG is despicable. and its completely useless outside of slaving in comparison to tauros, lapras, absol, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by pichubro View Post
    And obviously Faulkner caught his Pigeotto in the Viridian Forest.
    LOL route 2

    PS: i went out of my way in my solo run to catch all underleveled evolutions in the game and name them things like "teenytrode" "minidos" and "ficklet (furret lv 6)"

    your welcome

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    Seven of them I agree with. Just not Mr. Mime, Magmar and Mesprit.

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