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You're not following the logic. We're not talking about a sudden and drastic cut in the number of private employees. It would be a gradual shift: a slowly decrease in the number of people in private jobs while increasing production, and a steady increase in public jobs in tune with the increased tax revenue.
Communism doesn't work in practice either, but that doesn't stop it being a good idea. An idea you can never hope to achieve, but still a damn good idea.
Also: Does pouring more slowly into a glass somehow give it more capacity?

There's no requirement to be unionised in England. And the London underground unions do a great job of demonstrating how irritating and disruptive an overpowered union can be. Bastards keep striking and refuse to let TFL reduce employees despite them not being needed any more.
I never said it was legally required, I said it's needed in order to keep the government (yes, the government) socially responsible.

And, hold on, did you just say employees were getting booted out of the public sector, because there was no capacity?