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    The Surge: Freeing the Katsu Region

    PG-13 for violence, moderate romance and moderate swearing.

    They had fled as fugitives...
    and now they return as freedom fighters.

    Three years have passed since the group of vigilantes who called themselves “The Surge,” a group which formed in order to fight against a law established in Katsu that ordered the immediate exportation of all Pokémon, disappeared without a trace from the region. Since then, an organization originally established in order to export the Pokémon of the region, more commonly known as Pokémon Exporting Services (PXS), has now revealed its true intentions of taking over the government it had once served. Using their arsenal of Pokémon, which had been hidden away during the course of their operation, they have successfully been able to secure the entire northern section of the region. Since the law banning all Pokémon from the region had left the region in a state of economic decay, few people were able to escape to neighboring areas, especially since there has been no move made by the government to repeal a law forbidding the transfer to other regions. The lucky people who managed to reach surrounding regions spread the word well enough to an enraged and dismayed public. Certain that they will be able to stifle this “minor” civil dispute and still keeping their eyes firmly on their dream to make the region free of Pokémon, the government of Katsu refuses outside intervention and threatens war against anyone who makes a military move concerning anything that takes place in the region. So PXS has been free to make their slow southern advance over the region.

    The Surge, however, has been on the move.

    Feeding off of the outrage of Pokemon Trainers from all regions, the group has managed to gain more support than ever before. After years of planning, they are finally ready to return in order to topple the highly organized and efficient PXS and free the Katsu region from its iron grip. Complications arrive on account of the fact that The Surge is still being pursued by the government itself as well, though their ill-armed police force is a joke compared to the ranks of PXS and thus pose virtually no threat to either group. As The Surge starts chipping deeper into PXS in order to uproot the unwanted invader, they come across information that suggests yet another force may be at work that reaches far beyond the Katsu region...

    You are a Trainer, either a new recruit or an old member. You sympathize with what is going on in the Katsu region and are consequently fighting to liberate it. But will you and your team be able to handle the constant fighting and hold your own in The Surge without getting crushed or left behind in the process?

    1. Be active. I reserve the right to harass you indefinitely if you fail to post often. If you wish to drop the RP or are aware of a time when you will not be able to post, don't hesitate to inform me as it will help the RP run more smoothly.
    2. Don't godmod.
    3. Only post OOC things on the OOC thread (unless separated like this and marked OOC).
    4. Follow basic role-playing and PD rules.
    5. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. I won't get on your case over a misspelling, but your posts should be legible.
    6. Don't bunny without permission.
    7. If you aren't active for a long period of time without excuse, you will either be bunnied or kicked out.
    8. Post your profile on the OOC thread to see if it is accepted before posting it here.
    9. If you ask permission, you may be allowed to create another character. If I feel that it is interfering with your posting quality, however, I will turn it into an NPC.

    Sign Up: Trainer
    Name: first (optional middle) last
    Age: (Please, please, please make the age reasonable. Unless you have an incredibly good reason, have your characters be at least teenagers.)
    Gender: (Uhh...)
    Appearance: (Details! At least a good paragraph)
    Personality: (layers)
    Background: (Their history: What made them join? This includes what their Pokémon is/are if you do not sign up their Pokémon. Note that only people who were in The Surge: Fighting the Pokémon Extermination may obviously use the characters from that RP. All others were recruited over the past three years unless you come to me with any ideas you have ahead of time.)
    Additional Information: (Anything else?)
    RP Sample: (A sample of a past RP or a sample of your writing that shows your style well.)

    Sign Up: Pokémon (optional: you can write from your Pokémon's point of view as well)
    Nickname: (If they have one.)
    Breed: (What Pokémon is it? NO LEGENDARIES!!!)
    Gender: (Uhh...)
    Moves: (Up to four. Make them reasonable or I won't accept. Subject to change, but only by my permission.)
    Appearance: (If there are any unique qualities to them.)
    Personality: (Make it a good match or balance for its trainer.)
    History: (How did your trainer receive this Pokémon?)
    Additional information: (Anything else?)

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