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    Default Old Set Decks

    Recently I acquired a copy of Pokemon TCG for the Gameboy, and I've been using it to build old decks using the Base, Jungle and Fossil sets. I'd like suggestions for Psychic, Fire and Lightning decks, and I'll also be posting a few decks that work well for me. Almost every card in these sets is present in the game except for Base Electrode and Fossil Ditto.

    - Beachhead -

    Water Energy x13
    Fighting Energy x13

    Krabby x3
    Kingler x3
    Horsea x3
    Staryu x3
    Sandshrew x4
    Sandslash x2
    Diglett x2
    Dugtrio x2
    Onix x2

    Switch x2
    Defender x2
    Potion x4
    Super Potion x2

    - Riverbank -

    Grass Energy x16
    Water Energy x10

    Caterpie x2
    Metapod x2
    Butterfree x2
    Weedle x2
    Kakuna x2
    Beedrill x2
    Venonat x2
    Venomoth x2
    Horsea x4
    Staryu x4

    Poke Ball x4
    Defender x2
    Potion x2
    Super Potion x2
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