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Thread: Dutrio

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    Default Dutrio


    Dugtrio does what dugtrio does best revenge kill. Its ainít sweeping any teams outright with that measly base 80 attack and its is NEVER taking a hit from anything besides a pursuit where you didnít switch. But it makes a decent late game sweeper with that 120 speed but thatís once dugtrios job is done first thing you should do is revenge kill. Dugtrio is the reason why in UU last gen many walls shed shell because if they didnít they would be fodder for Dugtrio. And even in OU anything slower and weak defensively or weak to ground types is also fodder and Chansey which moves up and dugtrio still kills easily. Dugtrio is a threat for any team you can either choose to deal with it if you choose to ignore it you surely will be benefited from the fact that its little used but if a dugtrio team shall ever come to town you might all well rage quit right there.

    HP: 35
    Attack: 80
    Defense: 50
    Sp. Attack: 50
    Sp. Defense: 70
    Speed: 120

    Life Orb Revenge Killer
    Item: Life Orb
    Ability: Arena Trap
    Nature: Jolly
    Ev: 252 Attack 6 Sp. Defense 252 Speed
    -sucker punch/night slash
    -stone edge

    A life orb allows Dugtrio to switch between moves allowing Dugtrio to use substitute which no other set can do. As with any and all dugtrio sets you pretty much own anything slower that canít resist. Earthquake is great stab coverage and will be dugtrioís main offensive move. Sucker punch is to attack with priority any revenge killers and moves great in the late game but night lash also works to kill off anything slower thatís weak to dark attacks like psychic walls which is quite common in UU but in OU its better to go with sucker punch. Stone edge has excellent coverage and itís a strong attacking move. Substitute has a few uses the first one is to predict sucker punches which in UU is quite common for many of the things dugtrio counters. All you do is sub there sucker punch fails then you proceed to sweep from behind a substitute. Also if you come in on a choiced electric attacker to not only get an instant kill but can set up a substitute and then sweep them and have a substitute to attack on whatever they bring in. Jolly is the preferred nature here to speed tie base 120s and out speed anything slower. You can choose adamant and it does give you a few neat KOes but I should note that even with maximum speed you will only be able to out speed base 105s which is a huge speed loss.

    The Choice Band set is very similar here. The only major change is substitute for pursuit which trapity trap traps things that arenít trapped by the trap. And adamant earns a bit more merit with even more KOs thanks to the life orb but still the sweep loss is huge. With either life orb or choice scarf if you go with adamant only use 212 speed to out speed base 100s because the 105 speed tier is rather lacking in anything important.

    Choice Scarf Revenge Killer
    Item: Choice Scarf
    Ability: Arena Trap
    Nature: Adamant
    Evs: 252 Attack 44 Sp. Defense 212 Speed
    -sucker punch/night slash
    -stone edge
    -pursuit/aerial ace

    This set is to revenge kill the revenge kills ha ha ha ha ha! Anything that uses a choice scarf too boost speed and isnít actually that speedy and defense is fodder for this set. The evs allow you to out speed base 100s which is the limit to gimmicky choice scarfers dugtrio has on its Shinlerís list to kill. The 44 sp.def evs are mainly leftovers but allows it to take weak vacuum waves better donít be tempted to place it in HP because its HP is total shit and wonĎt do a thing. With a choice scarf equipped dugtrio really misses out on its attack boost from choice band or life orb so adamant is a must here. Earthquake is good stab sucker punch can kill whatever wants to priority you thatís slower or faster sweepers or night lash for walls that are weak to dark hits. Stone edge offers decent coverage. Pursuit as the first set attacks levitating and flying types trying to switch but since being locked into pursuit is bad especially if itís a non choice banded pursuit aerial ace is a bit more appealing to revenge kill breloom and heracross on OU and in UU grass types.

    Other Options:
    -Stealth rocks can be used on a possible lead set in UU since itís the fastest pokemon in UU with stealth rocks but dugtrio generally should stay with what it does best revenge killing sunny day has the same explanation
    -hone claws increase accuracy for stone edge and have a boost but that requires a safe turn on a life orn set which generally then substitute is better toxic has the same explanation too
    -return hurts bug grass and flying types with neutral damage but then again stone edge does super effective damage to all those accept grass and then aerial ace is stronger
    -rock slide is more accurate if you wish then stone edge
    -if you have a focus sash lead set you can use reversal if you want
    -memento is a poor manís explosion and with such a small move pool it is an option
    -dugtrio doesnít have the HP for life gamble
    -you can use soft sand or focus band as ploy items into following people into thinking your choiced then attacking with another moves out of what they think is nowhere can be fun to score a little Kos but is overall gimicky

    Team Options:
    -killing many walls dugtrio needs sometimes a lure to bring out such walls like Registeel in UU and Chansey in OU usually normal attackers and special attackers for Chansey once they are out come in on a status move (dugtrio could care less about being poisoned and is immune to thunder wave) and kill them off
    -if you team is deadly weak to electric attacks consider this thing on your team to kill them off with a snap of itsÖ something never mind its just going to kill them so teamates like gyrados or mantine and any slower frailer sweepers like infernape usually teams with Chansey/Blissey like him gone
    -even if something has a shed shell it still forces a switch in which case entry hazards are good
    -needing a bit of HP loss on a pokemon to initiate a sweep stallers are good team mates
    -since after a sweep a counter will come in and try to status dugtrio on a switch a pokemon as a status absorbers can be good

    -bulky grass types
    -if locked into earthquake flying types or stone edge then steels
    -any bulky pokemon
    -priority attackers
    -in OU other pursuit users

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    I don't know about Dutrio but Dugtrio is pretty cool. MU for now...

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    UU. not changing

    your welcome

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