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    Vespiquen is a neat pokemon with ok defenses and oddle even though its always ridiculed a great typing taking any grass type hits well and fighting bug and ground type attacks with ease. As deals with any and all psychics type walls and sweepers in UU and lower. Problem is other pokemon in UU do that just as easily. Vespiquen’s only use in UU is to specifically counter grass types outside of that its generally beaten off. And it also has a big stealth rocks weakness making it have to have rapid spin support which can be a pain. In RU though it’s a fine wall but even there it needs support and is a one trick pony.

    HP: 70
    Attack: 80
    Defense: 102
    Sp. Attack 80
    Sp. Defense: 80
    Speed: 40

    Specially Defensive Wall
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Pressure
    Nature: Careful/Sassy
    Evs: 248 HP 10 Defense 252 Sp. Defense
    -attack order
    -toxic/hidden power ground
    -substitute/hidden power ground

    As said if you need something to take grass types and be an ok wall this is you man but he needs the right support. Attack order is good stab and toxic allows for stalling against any walls you come in on. Roost is again for stalling and to heal. Substitute is great if you can predict hits and switching in pokemon with super effective moves. Now you will soon notice that vespiqen can do literally nothing against steel types and some fighting and poison types out there. That’s why hidden power ground is a very noteworthy move here problem is you going to have to ditch something for it toxic if you not really a stall man or substitute if your awful at predicting. The evs and nature maximize sp. defense to take grass hits like a champ as well as psychic hitters. 248 HP evs is needed to not be knocked out by a second stealth rocks switch in if that even happens and careful is if you don’t run hidden power ground but sassy is if you do so you only lower vespique’s pointless speed so hidden power ground isn’t weakened.

    Other Options:
    -defend order is a notable move to boost up can be bulky but generally with stone edge a common move in any tier hanging around its better to sub up on switch ins to get at least one free turn
    -destiny bond can be used if you great at predictions but generally substitute is the best option
    -pursuit can trap and psychic types that try to switch away but being walls generally they can take a pursuit only pokemon your probably end up killing is alakazam
    -power gem only hits flying types harder and honestly you should switch for those
    -hone claws boosts attack one stab so yeah
    -venom shock works well with toxic but even after the boost its only as strong as attack order and does little for coverage sludge bomb is also not used for the same reason
    -return has decent coverage if you want but fail to deal with vespiquen’s biggest counters
    -aerial ace is stab that’s about it since its coverage only hurts the occasional fighting type harder
    -signal beam is a special alternative but is too weak and attack order crits sometimes
    -tailwind can be used on tailwind teams as with rain dance and sunny day
    -defog blows away screens which is cool just don’t set anything up on the opponents side
    -if you have any generational problems heal order is easily an option over roost its just that roost gets rid of your flying type which can be good while heal order does nothing else but heal
    -pressure is always the suggested ability because it stalls tension can only be useful if you worry about linoone which can be a problem in lower tiers

    Team Options:
    -you need a rapid spinner to get rid of stealth rocks is a MUST
    -ground or fighting types are good to take down steels which visited hate plus grounds get the added bonus of no grass attacks to the face and they take any stone edges
    -toxic spikes might be a good idea allowing you to ditch toxic and always be able to run hidden power ground or if you already do run it defend order or some other move also set uppers make great team mate due to team being weak to earthquake

    -steel types
    -poison types
    -fighting types
    -status absorbers
    -anything with stone edge
    -stealth rocks just being on the field

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    ... no poll


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    actually, this is exactly how my vespiquen is... I've trained her like that since i first got her in my Diamond version... hm...
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