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    Dodrio is a cool pokemon it always has been having a nice niche in the UU tier in the past with great speed and attack. But its frail and other
    normal/bird pals have been encroaching on its turf most notably swellow although dodrio can hit hard right off the bat swithout waiting and in this generation Braviary has better attack and access to close combat breaking though rocks and steel types something dodtrio can't ever do. But it is important to note that dodtrio still is faster then Braviary and makes a better sweeper and a great late game sweeper. Just watch out for steels and rocks.

    HP: 60
    Attack: 110
    Defense: 70
    Sp. Attack: 60
    Sp. Defense: 60
    Speed: 100

    Choice Band Sweeper
    Item: Choice Band
    Ability: Early Bird
    Nature: Jolly
    Evs: 252 Attack 6 Defense 252 Speed
    -brave bird
    -return/double edge
    -quick attack/steel wing/toxic

    Choice band makes dodrio a powerful sweeper 2 or 1HKOing most of the UU and Ru metagame with ease. Brave bird is you main attacking option
    here being very powerful and return or double edge for stab purposes and to hurt and possible electric types. Pursuit allows you to trap and kill any psychic walls trying to escape on a switch which is great. Quick attack is a good priority move but then again you could have steel wing or toxic if you predict a rock type counter. Toxic is generally move useful hurt move then just rocks and mosy rock type can take a steel wing too. The evs maximize the attack and speed to sweep. Make sure to choose Jolly yo speed tie other base 100s which is needed or else your speed drops so low you can't even outspeed base 95s. Also have the 6 extra evs go into defense or else you will be not be able to take 4 stealth rocks hits and just die after the forth one.

    Utility Sweeper
    Item: Sharp Beak/Life Orb
    Ability: Early Bird
    Nature: Jolly
    -brave bird
    -return/quick attack/toxic

    The problem with the first set is it locks dodrio into one move where its easily countered. This set allows you to still score many useful KOs and not be countered as easily. Brave bird as with any set is the main attacking option and then double edge for stab against electric types or quick attack for prority. Although it is only coverage against electric types after all and toxic can be used here to hurt rock types and other switch ins. Roost is great to increase logevity so you can keep on cranking the brave birds out. Taunt is good to shut down walls or if you good at prediction opponents that like to set up on your switch although if you opt for the double edge or quick attack above then toxic is also an option. As with the first set go with Jolly becuase dodrio needs the speed and 6 defense is nessisary to take 4 stealth rocks hits. The item choice is this: sharp beak is a great item to increase its power with brave bird since lets be honest you just going to spam that anyway or life orb which has more power for what some consider unneed recoil since sharp beak has a high chance to KO many things already but life orb is garanteed to KO them. Its all about risk.

    Item: Liechi Berry
    Ability: Early Bird
    Nature: Adamant
    Evs: 66 HP 252 Attack 196 Speed
    -substitute/endure/quick attack
    -drill peck

    Dodrio has one sinister less used option: the flail set. When down to 1 HP dodrio gets a powerful base 200 normal attack thats scary against any team especially in the late game. Now there are 3 ways dodrio can access this the first one is to substitute down to one HP the second is the be hit with a hard attack then endure it and the last option is the most sinister you just don't worry about stealth rocks and allow yourself to set hit with them 4 times. Argueable the substitute set is the best since you can set it up and the proceed to attack behind a substitute or agility up but endure can be done a lot quicker and stealth rocks has a certain greatness about it since your not trying. If you do the stealth rocks way then quick attack is a good option over the other moves had a proirity attack. Agility allows you to boost up and outspeed basically everything in UU and RU easily. And finally drill peck to hit ghost types. The evs make all 3 of the options possible with a sky high attack and just enough speed to outspeed a choice scarf 120 which is the fastest revenge killer out there and the rest goes into HP to make the subs a bit more bulky although if you wish for endure you could make dugtrio have no HP evs at all and put them all into speed for no good reason and then have 0 defense and sp defense ivs but 3 HP ivs are needed for the stealth rocks thing as a back up. Leichi berry just further increase your attack which is awesome.

    Other Options:
    -tangled feet is an inferior abilty since sleep causing moves are much more common then confuse ray
    -you might be able to use haze to shut down any boosting sweepers but odds are your going to die immediatly after anyway and its illegal with both of its good egg moves which are flail and brave bird
    -baton pas might be usefull on a baton pass team but its illegal as a 3rd gen event move with brave bird and flail
    -payback is no longer good since it doesn't hit harder on the switch

    Team Options:
    -rapid spinners are generally a good idea with the exception of the flail set
    -fighting types are good with dugtrio taking down rocks and steel types
    -magneton might be a good option since dugtrio lures out steels and magneton comes in and traps them
    -bulky grass water and ground types work well to hurt any rocks and steels

    -proirity attacks
    -physical walls
    -faster sweepers

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