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    Primeape occupies the sole role as the fastest fighting type out there outside of OU and MU pokemon with the great ability vital spirit which makes it a great competitor in RU UU and even ubers with the popularity for Darkria completely countering it. But Primeape is pretty frail and its 105 attack stat isnít great breaking. Overall you will find bulkier stronger fighting types like hitmonchan and hitmontop will outclass it but it still has a niche with more speed and that epic ability.

    HP: 65
    Attack: 105
    Defense: 60
    Sp. Attack: 60
    Sp. Defense: 70
    Speed: 95

    Choice Scarf/Band or Life Orb Sweeper
    Item: Choice Scarf/Choice Band/Life Orb
    Ability: Vital Sprit
    Nature: Adamant
    Evs: 162 HP 252 Attack 96 Speed
    -close combat
    -stone edge
    -ice punch/earthquake/punishment

    Basically anything with life orb or a choice item and you choosing all offensive moves has this set. Close combat is good strong stab. Stone edge is a great coverage move here. U-turn allows you to scout around with damage great with the choice band set. The last set has a lot of choices ice punch hits hard against the many grass types in lower tiers like earthquake hurts those poison and electric type in lower tiers and finally punishment to do huge damage against calm minds which is very popular in UU. The choice scarf set if great in UU because of that reason allowing you to sweep those calm mind sweepers. The listed nature and evs are just for the scarf set to outs speed base 120s in OU although even with the scarf set Jolly 252 Speed is an option to speed tier other choice scarf 95s. With life orb and choice band you must run jolly 252 speed to speed tie base 95s.

    Encoring Monster
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Vital Spirit/Anger Point
    Nature: Jolly
    Evs: 10 HP 248 Attack 252 Speed
    -close combat/focus punch
    -stone edge

    The problem with the above set is you canít effectively use 2 of primeapeís best status moves which are encore and substitute. Encore if you good at prediction allows you to predict people trying to set up on you can encore then into whatever status move they tried to set up on your with and make them force a switch. The you set up substitute and fire off focus punches behind a substitute but since close combat is already a fine stab move and you need to have a substitute up for it to work which it canít always be up mainly for the anger point ability. Stone edge is a great coverage more hitting many pokemon hard mainly flying types. The evs allow prime ape to set up 5 substitutes with leftovers if you take no other damage and then maximize the speed to sweep and speed tie 95s and attack to hit hard. Since prime ape can not take any other hits here for substitute a rapid spinner is suggested. Anger point is a dangerous ability because it can be activate behind a substitute and then your attack get boosted 6 statges! And with 5 chances to boost up stats with a crit it is very noteworthy but I should note that if you go with way focus punch is not an option because you will most likely be sweeping without a substitute since they got a crit on it.

    Other Options:
    -prime ape has a plethora of fighting moves lets review a few
    -low kick can hurt heavy things hard which are rare though in UU and RU but in ubers it does has some use
    -cross chop wonít decrease defenses like close comba but then again it misses generally I think its better to hit harder with a frail pokemon and happen to lower defenses then miss and be Koed and brick breka generally doesnít have enough power
    -vacuum wave is poirity thatís about it though since its special
    -counter can work with primeapeís frailty
    -reversal can work although honestly if your wanting gimmicky anger point is much better
    -return/body slam/double edge/thrash are all useable normal moves but generally close combat/stone edge and some third move have fine coverage
    -assurance works if you can work switches into stealth rocks but generally its better to hit with with close combat but it can work if they are predicting that with a ghost type
    -toxic spreads around status which can be good against your counters as with taunt
    -you can set up sunny day or rain dance if you want
    -aerial ace can KO heracross and breloom in OU but thatís it
    -rock slide is an option over stone edge
    -fire punch hurts steels in OU harder if there dual typed but in lower tiers its not good since close combat hurts steels harder
    -thunder punch hurts gyrados in OU hard and in lower tiers Mantine but generally stone edge is better
    -seed bomb hurts ground types hard in UU like donphan and in OU it can be good for ground/water types
    -prime ape has lots of special moves but the only one worth mention is overheat if you plan to use it in OU as it can 1HKO a skarmory but thatís it

    Team Options:
    -as a fighting type it can easily deal with steels and rock types which many pokemon in U have problems with
    -weak to psychic types and psychic type walls commonly switch on to it a pursuiter is a good option
    -causing a lot of switches it likes stealth rocks up but neither set likes rocks hurting it either so a rapid spinner is welcome
    -bulky waters can be a problem so electric types deal with them

    -solid physical walls
    -bulky waters
    -bulky grass types
    -after a few close combats its real frail so priority hitters hurt hard or even KO it outright

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