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Thread: Moltres

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    Default Moltres


    Moltres is a good pokemon no doubt with that sky high attack and all around good defenses. But its killed by its poor move pool which usually has it run fire move air slash and some sort of hidden power making it very predictable and it has a huge stealth rock weakness which takes off 50% of its HP on every switch in effectively “clipping its wings.” Also only 90 speed ain’t that great even in UU. But it still runs great with sunny day support in OU (for not until it most likely is banned) and a great special sweeper but its place is UU.

    HP: 90
    Attack: 100
    Defense: 90
    Sp. Attack: 125
    Sp. Defense: 85
    Speed: 90

    Choice Specs Sweeper
    Item: Choice Specs
    Ability: Flame Body
    Nature: Timid
    Evs: 252 Sp. Attack 6 Defense 252 Speed
    -flamethrower/fire blast
    -air slash
    -hidden power grass

    This set effectively sweeps anything in UU that is under 90 speed and not a bulky water. Choice specs boosts moltres sp attack to absurd levels but I should note that again bulky waters easily counter and anything faster sweeps moltres with stone edge and rock slid being very popular moves. Flamethrower/fire blast is great for stab fire blast if you want a bit kore power at thr cost of some accuracy. Airslash is a great stab move that hits other fire types strong as well as the common fighting types in UU and has a nice finch chance. Hidden power grass hurts bulky waters hard if you predict them switching in and rock types you might see. Overheat is a strong stab move that can be a one time move to get a needed KO or u-turn can be used for scouting. The evs allow you to speed tie other base 90s but in UU the speed tie of 90 is oddle lacking. If you wish run a 216 speed set if you want to out speed base 85s which I nUU is a much more popular speed tier. Make sure to always place the leftover evs in either defense or sp defense because any even HP will result in moltres only being able to take 1 stealth rocks hit instead of 2.

    Nitro-Charging Sweeper
    Item: Life Orb/Charcoal
    Ability: Flame Body
    Nature: Modest
    Evs: 122 HP 252 Sp. Attack 136 Speed
    -nitro charge
    -flamethower/fire blast
    -hidden power grass

    Nitro chare is one of the few good things Moltres got and unlike the older agility it boosts up stats and isn’t blocks by taunt and does damage. After just one nitro charge it is speedier then everything in the UU metagame that is not boosted. As always flamethower/fire blast is good strong stab and more main attacking option while airlash is also good stab that hurts fire types and finally hidden power grass for bulky waters and rock types. The evs allow you to outspeed base 120s which is as fast as it gets in UU and give you a bit more bulk. The rest goes in sp. attack to sweep. Modest is great here since you already have enough speed with the current evs. There are other ev sets if you wish though. As always you can run max speed to speed tie other 90s with a choice scarf or as with the last set 216 speed for 85s. Life orb greatly boost power but it really hurts your stealth rockyness. That’s why charcoal is an option since you might be spamming your fire move a lot. Roost is also an option here to heal up but the only ditch able move is hidden power grass but then your walled by rocks and water types and the loss in power against them is noticeable. Substitute is also an option great with prediction but again it faces seriously competition for a moveslot.

    Stalling Thingy OF DOOM
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Pressure
    Nature: Timid
    Evs: 248 HP 44 Defense 216 Speed

    Oh ho ho ho ho just when you think you got Moltres figured out it does something TOTALLY RIDCULUS! Moltres starts to *gasp* stall! You might surprise a few things here. It start out when moltres substitutes when it predicts a switch to a counter. Then proceeds to roar it away or toxics it. Substitute is a key move here allowing you not die from rock slide or stone edge while doing all sort of absurd things. Flamethrower is an option over roar so your not just stuck on toxic as your main offense and being walled by steels but generally roar is better to switch away counters and proceed to set up another sub on whatever shitty pokemon you bring in. Roost heal up which is great to have this thing last an annoyingly long time. Toxic wears down things slowly and evilly. Pressure is a much better ability stealing away twice the PP on every hit something makes to a substitute which is great since stone edge has very little PP anyway and it misses sometimes awesome. The evs maximize the defense and the speed to not be out speed and destroyed by those dam bas 85s which actually might give you some problem. Leftovers also increase longevity and helps substitute. Works great on a stall team or if you like to be funky also toxic spikes is suggested so you can ditch that dam toxic and then have both roar and flamethrower.

    Other Options:
    -the only forth gen sub roost is still an option but nitro charge is so much better and honestly if you like roost or substitute stick them in on the nitro charge set
    -agility is brought back to light with nitro charge around but it doesn’t go damage and against taunters it fails but then again its rarely seen on moltres because people expect the nitro charge use at your own digression
    -with any sunny day set just switch hidden power grass for solar beam Moltres can also set up substitute if you want for UU
    -choice scarf is possible for instant speed but generally nitro charge is much better
    -ancient power is ok to hit altaria and other moltreses and articunos but against anything else flamethower is better and its generally weak
    -rain dance is unexpected but it will hurt Moltres in the long run with lowered power fire moves
    -heat wave is outclassed by fire blast since for 5 more accuracy you lose 20 power and honestly if you want more power go for the tad bit less accuracy
    -Moltres has a decent physical of100 but its only good move is return which can be used against special walls to break them
    -defogs blows away screens which can be good
    -willow-wisp can be used to spread around status but the only set that will be using it is the stall one and that needs toxic

    Team Options:
    -very weak to stealth rocks you need a rapid spinner
    -grass types mae excellent team mates absorbing both water and electric and stone edge hits
    -a physical attacker is a good idea since some walls that come in will be special walls many psychic types weak to pursuit so pursuiters are options
    -ground and rock types also take stone edges well and grounds absorb electric hits

    -keeping stealth rocks up
    -bulky waters
    -lanturn disserves mention because it also resisting ails slash too
    -special walls
    -altaria and dragons take any and all standard hits

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