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Thread: Grumpig

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    Default Grumpig


    Grumpig is a neat little special wall with a good ability of thick fat absorbing 2 of the most common special types in the game. While it didnít get much this generation with only whirlwind and psychoshock as noteable new moves it still is a great pokemon and holds its role from last generation. Also with Chansey gone out to OU there is a big power void for a special wall in UU. Still grumpig faces fierce competition in UU with mantine regice gardevior Claydol and now Gothitelle and Musharna but still Grumpig is a nice special wall in lower tiers.

    HP: 80
    Attack: 45
    Defense: 65
    Sp. Attack: 90
    Sp. Defense: 110
    Speed: 80

    Calm Minder
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Nature: Bold
    Evs: 204 HP 252 Defense 54 Sp. Defense
    -calm mind
    -substitute/whirl wind
    -psychic/psycho shock
    -shadow ball/hidden power ground

    One of Grumpigís more scary sets. The goal here as with suicune in OU if to miximize your defense up with evs and your nature and then go crazy with calm mind making you a really solid wall and sweeper. Substitute is great to make up on a switch seeing as you can see what they bring in and act appropriately so you can switch out if its too big of a threat and if it has pursuit your not going to die on a switch if you have subsitute. Whirl wind is also a great option to annoy things and switch them around making stealth rocks damage or toxic spikes damage all around and you can set up calm mind up too. Problem is you might bring out a bad pokemon and when they switch in a puruiter your Grumpig is lost. Psychic is good stab or psycho shock to hurt any pokemonís physical side harder but then again you will then be walled by physical walls which hurt you harder then special walls. Shadow ball hurt other psychic walls out there hard or hidden power ground to hurt steel type choose your poison because there is no way to not be walled by both. The evs maximize the defense while giving youíre a leftover number for more recovery. The rest from the 252 of HP goes to sp defense to be more bulky there.

    An offensive calm mind set is possible but the difference is it runs gluttony with salac berry to increase its speed and then max speed and sp attack but ALL the moves here remain the same.

    Special Wall
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Nature: Calm
    Evs: 204 HP 54 Defense 252 Sp. Defense
    -heal bell
    -thunder wave/toxic
    -magic coat/reflect
    -psychic/psycho shock

    You main special walling set here. Heal bell is the main move allowing you to cleric around and so something as a wall. Thunderwave or toxic to spread around status toxic for stall teams thunder wave on offensive teams. Grumpig is great to spread around status since most status absorbers are fighting types and grumpig as a psychic type is naturally great. Magic coat block any taunts or leach seeds or stealth rocks trying to come your way or reflect to do something more and attempt to set up and relect works great here with grumpigís low defense. Psychic or psycho shock is a great stab move for a bit of offense and those fighting types. The evs mazimize the you special defenesiveness and then give you a leftovers number to heal move. The rest goes into defense to be a bit more bulky there.

    Choice Thingy
    Item: Choice Band/Choice Specs
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Nature: Timid
    Evs: 252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed
    -psychic/psycho shock
    -focus blast
    -shadow ball

    Grumpig has a good role as a choiced attacker because of its access to trick shutting many walls down and it has a decent enough speed in UU to outspeed and trick many walls. Psychic or psycho shock is a great stab move and focus blast and shadow ball allow you to have excellent coverage with nothing resisting all of them hitting both steel types and other psychics. The evs maximize speed and sp attack to attempt a sweep or just to trick around and speed tie other 80s. But if you want you can run with the scarf a 220 speed set with modest which allows you to outspeed everything in UU.

    Other Options:
    -dual screens is possible but generally even in UU there are better pokemon in RU its ok though
    -you can have a parafusion set with confuse ray and thunderwave but its risky
    -own tempo is completely outclassed by thick fat since confusion is rarely seen in competitive battling let alone UU and glutton is only good on the offensive calm mind set
    -psych up steals boosts from other calm minders and even bulk uppers which can work but its gimmicky
    -power gem hurts altaria and flying types hard but Grumpig needs its listed move to coverage
    -taunt and torment shuts down walls but magic coat does it better
    -sunny day and rain dance can be set up as with trick room if you want
    -energy ball is an option but again it needs the listed moves for coverage or else its walled by one to many things
    -signal beam hurts dark types and isnít stopped by normal types like shadow ball for only 5 less power but generally shadow ball is better and signal beam is illegal with gluttony

    Team Options:
    -steel types are great friends taking dark bug and steel hits
    -other special walls can hurt so physical types are suggested fighting pokemon desierve special mention hitting Clefable and Registeel
    -fighting types also get rid of pursuiters out there

    -special walls and steel types
    -pursuiters and ghost types

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    with Chaney in OU I think this thing might be able to reclaim its rightful spot in UU

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    you confuse me

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    Kirby you confuse us.

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    its a decent UU with an ok movepool

    your welcome

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