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Thread: Entie

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    Default Entie


    Entie overall is outclassed by Arcanine in UU unless arcanine is banned which by current PD status it is. If you playing anywhere else though arcanine will outclass this and its useually sent to the depths of NU where is a huge force. Outside being outclassed entie still has a solid attack an speed and good defenses to take a hit hits and dish them back out. Not a bad pokemon at all just outclassed.

    HP: 115
    Attack: 115
    Defense: 85
    Sp. Attack: 90
    Sp. Defense: 75
    Speed: 100

    Choice Band Sweeper
    Item: Choice Band
    Ability: Pressure
    Nature: Adamant
    Evs: 18 HP 252 Attack 240 Speed
    -flare blitz
    -stone edge
    -extreme speed
    -iron head/dig/level ground

    A solid set that entie got at the very end of the 4th gen that still can much merit today. Flare blitz is a strong stab move and will be your main attack on this set. Stone edge is great for coverage hurting many pokemon all around hard. Extremespeed is an amazing priority move that when tied to choice band is deadly in the late game. And the last move is all for coverage and filler sake iron head hurts rock types hard or dig or level ground for the same thing but they have slightly better coverage but dig is predictable and level ground is weak. For the last slot you can sneak in a status move like toxic or willow-wisp if you wish because they are generally useless overheat can also work to break through physical walls with a special move. The evs allow you to outspeed base 85s which is about as good as it get with adamant which entei is forced to have. The rest of the 252 goes to HP for bulk then attack to maximize your offense.

    Nitro Charging Sweeper
    Item: Life Orb
    Ability: Pressure
    Nature: Adamant
    Evs: 18 HP 252 Attack 240 Speed
    -nitro charge
    -flare blitz
    -stone edge
    -extreme speed/iron head

    Nitro charge acts like the new choice scarf allowing you to outspeed many things without hindering you move choiceage and since entie lacks a great movepool anyway you can ditch one and head on your way to speed town. Flareblitz as always is a great stab move and stone edge is great for coverage. Extreme speed can counter any other priority users coming in but since you speed it already fine iron head is worth considering to attack rock types or with the last set you can tag on overheat to counter physical walls. As with the last set the evs allow you to outspeed base 85s if they have a choice scarf though. If you want you can run just 52 speed evs to outspeed everything in the UU metagame that isn't boosted but generally you will find that you will need all the speed you can get.

    Calm Mind Tank
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Nature: Timid
    Evs: 248 HP 48 Defense 216 Speed
    -calm mind
    -hidden power grass

    Entei is one of the few pokemon in UU that can make substitutes with over 100 HP which make its able to effectively counter pokemon with little offense but a lot of defense that rely on seismic toss for offense like Registeel. And unlike ghost types which absorb seismic toss Entei is not weak to pursuit. Also it provides a bit of surprise since most players expect some physical entei and unlike other calm minders in UU its again not weak to pursuit. So entei still has a nice UU niche with calm mind even with the new and improved physical sets. Calm mind is odiously the star of this set allowing entie to quickly calm mind up a few times and be a solid wall tearing through teams. Substitute allows you to as said couter effectively many walls and to be immune to status. Flamethrower is a good stab move here and is you main offensive move. Hidden power grass hurts any counters like water types which with a good sp defense after a few calm minds entei no longer fears. Hidden power grass also hurts ground or rock types which may try to counter you if they believe your a physical entie. The evs maximize HP for substitutes and to take hits with 4 gone to take 4 stealth rocks hits if needed and the speed is there to be be out speed and shut down by its common counters at base 95. You can run max speed to speed tie max other base 100s but the only note worthy pokemon there that may run max speed are Typhosion Raichu Dodrio and Fearow if you really fear them then go run max speed. Then the rest of everything goes into defense to be defensively bulky which is needed since after a few calm minds that paradoxingly becomes your weak point. Leftovers heals up for substitute.

    Other Options:
    -choice scarf is possible but really nitro charge is much better unless you need instant speed which is ok if you use entie as a revenge killer
    -you must run adamant and pressure on any sets with extreme speed or flare blitz if you don't run them please go ahead and use any other nature and use flash fire a much better ability
    -extrasensory is able to kill off toxicroak and other poison types and shadow ball is great for ghost types but generally on the only set you will be using special moves the calm mind set a stab flamethrower and hidden power grass are needed much more
    -eruption can be used but generally typhosion outclasses entei is erupting
    -roar can force switches if you like possible on the calm mind set over hidden power grass as it allows you to get even more calm minds
    -toxic and willow wisp are status moves to pass around be generally no set has any slot to give up with the exception of the choice band set
    -you can run a sunny day set with solar beam which has excellent coverage but honestly many other fire types do it better and the only special set you should be running is calm mind
    -rain dance is unexpected but possible
    -return offers no additional coverage outside of stone edge and is not a good option
    -fire blast is stronger then flamethrower but it misses
    -psychup can steal calm minds from other calm minders works of with entei's speed
    -iron tail is stronger then iron head but with far less accuracy if you want
    -heatwave is also a flamethrower alternative but that 10% loss in accuracy might bite you in the butt sometimes with only a 5 power gain
    -reflect and light screen are options but generally there are better pokemon
    -you can run hidden power electric over grass but your will have issues with ground types and lanturn which is a lot worse then just other fire types
    Team Options:
    -a rapid spinner is a must with the weakness to stealth rocks
    -dealing with many walls well offensive teams love this guys as he eliminates your threats
    -water types will be the bane of entei's existence and thus a grass or water type make great teamates
    -dugtrio makes a great partner killing off other fire types which on the calm mind set entei can not deal with
    -if you have problems with grass types this is your man to take them down
    -sometimes a magnet for status a status absorber is welcome

    -fire types on special sets
    -water types
    -special or physical walls
    -faster sweepers with stone edge

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    Arcanine outclassed it, but it would be way overpowered in NU.

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    I think it's Over-used, it's legendary.

    And,'s Entei not Entie.

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    you do realize its a piece of shit?

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    I mean its outclassed by fucking arcanine.

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