Probopass got a huge boost this generation as a staller making itís a nasty and devastating surprise to unprepared teams. Due to this the level 2 set is something everything in OU and UU should watch out for either by packing a substituter or taunter. Problem is those are already common on most good teams but teams that feel they donít need them ei offensive teams are in real danger from this force. But it is important to note that probopass this has other sets aside from the gimmicky which is pointless in battle subway wifi matches and battle tower being only useable with local friends and online. In NU probopass is a decent wall packing a few useful moves. But its 100 sets are clearly less used then its famed level 2 set.

HP: 60
Attack: 40
Defense: 145
Sp. Attack: 75
Sp. Defense: 150
Speed: 40

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Quiet
Ivs: 0 everything
Level: 2
Evs: None
-pain split
-magic coat

Like Solly the large nosed Semite lurks around waiting for the right moment to troll and when he does he does it well with an exceptional wittiness that is almost impossible to destroy. Sturdy is the main thing on this set because unlike the fabled focus sash this if healed up back to 100% heal will allow you to still take hits and survive on 1 HP. As an added benefit it takes out 50% of your opponentsí HP right off the back. Pain slit does exactly that it heals all your HP up after you opponent hits you with a hard hit allowing to you take another one. Magic coat stops any taunts you see coming as well as leech seeds which try to get you and with increased priority it canĎt be stopped. After a few use of pain split the usefulness of it starts to get questionable and its great to take out those last few HP points. Toxic spikes are suggested on Probopass teams though anyway so protect is also an option to wear down pokemon. Taunt breaks though any substitutes which commonly try to counter this set. And after a switch they will be serverly hindered as it also stops any boosting sweepers. This requires expert prediction you have to know your opponets minds to think will he send in a substituter? Will he leach seed or is this an offensive set? Prediction is key because if you make the wrong move you could be knocked down to 1HP and by not using pain split Probopass is useless. At first you will probably lose more then you win but with experience you will soon find probopass is great on paying mind games play the right moves and the game is yours. The evs and ivs are very simple minimize them not to take hits to do massive pain split damage. Quite is goood to decrease speed and work well on trick room teams. Leftovers allows you to take stealth rocks damage or hail damage and heal up and still have sturdy be used.

Special Wall/Set Upper
Item: Leftovers/Balloon
Ability: Sturdy/Magnet Pull
Nature: Calm
Evs: 240 HP 180 Sp. Defense 88 Speed
-power gem/flash Cannon
-earth power
-stealth rocks/thunderbolt
-toxic/thunder wave/magic coat

Probably the best set you can have in RU. This is either a lead or a special wall or any mixture there of the moves are the same. Power gem or flash cannon are decent stab moves but its move pool only warrants one so choose wisely. Earth power hits other steels hard and whatever power gem or flash cannon donít hit. Stealth rocks if you want to set up or thunder bolt for coverage. Toxic or thunder wave to spread around status toxic for stall teams or thunderwave for offensive teams. On lead sets magic coat is also decent to bounce back taunts and other entry hazards and on the wall set it can to so to with taunts. Generally sturdy is the best ability here allowing you to take any hit with atleast one HP with may be a problem because of earthquake lingering around. But magnet pull still has some merit countering aggron and bastiodon sets. Leftovers is good to stall and heal up a bit the current evs allow you to have a leftovers number and the rest goes into sp defense to be bulky there. All the 88 speed evs are about is to outrun Aggron if you feel aggron is not a problem or if you are playing in RU then please donít run any speed. Balloon can be used if you want to take earthquakes and also works well against physical attacks many who depend on earthquake for coverage against steels if you choose balloon please run 252 HP.

Choice Specs Tank
Item: Choice Specs
Ability: Sturdy/Magnet Pull
Nature: Modest
Evs: 168 HP 252 Sp. Attack 88 Speed
-flash cannon
-power gem
-earth power

This is a bit of a surprise as most people either expect the common level 2 or wall set. Choice specs is great though since Probopass has a great move pool to attack and enough bulk to take hits like a champ. Flash cannon and power gem are great stab moves. Earth power hits hard on whatever they donít hit good on. Thunderbolt is great for water types which can cause problems. Studry is generally better but as with the last set magnet pull can trap steels. Also as with the last set the speed evs are good to outspeed aggron outsid eof that donít use that. The evs and nature increase sp attack to ďsweepĒ and then HP to take hits.

Other Options:
-only other option on the level 2 set is torment for choice attackers but generally taunt is much better
-sand power can be used on sandstorm teams but outside of that donít use it
-gravity can be set up on a gravity team make sure to use thunder in that case too sunny day can as always be set up
-volt change allows for a free turn in for something else possibly on option on the specs set over thunderbolt
-explosion was standard last generation but with the decreased power its less of a great option
-probopass gets head smash for some reason possibly a good surprise move against special walls
-pain split can be used but its HP is just a tad bit too high to be used correctly

Team Options:

Level 2:
-toxic spikes are heavily suggested so you can ditch toxic for protect and it grealy aids in stalling
-having problems with steel types because there immune to poison its suggested you get a magnet pull pokemon to trap them in
-stall teams greatly benfit at the very least it shuts down a pokemon that once had substitute and 50%s a few pokemon
-sandstorm is great to further chip down opponents
-having trouble getting in it likes a u-turner

-unless it carries balloon and even then it like a flying or ghost levitating type to take fighting and ground hits
-things that benefit from stealth rocks if you carry it
-problems with steel types? Probopass might be able to help you there
-taking special hits physical walls benefit
-weak to water a pokemon to take that surf is suggested


Level 2:
-multihit attackers
-steel types
-rapid spin
-better prediction

-magneton is faster and can set up a magnet rise on you and then your screwed
-fighting attackers
-water types if you lack thunderbolt
-things with earthquake if you lack balloon