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    Magneton like all prevolutions got a large boost with evolution stone boosting both the defense and sp. defense by one stage making it much bulkier defenses of 50/167/129 which are much better than magnezone's simple 70/115/90 and you have more speed too and only a 10 base point loss in sp attack. But magnezone loses out on using any other items aside from evolution stone until magnezone which can counter many new pokemon with the item balloon and having the ability to plug on a choice scarf or specs. If your going for the standard steel trapper set use magneton which is much more bulky but if you plan on using anything else at all you must use magnezone. And thatís why magneton isn't seen as much as it should be.

    HP: 50
    Attack: 60
    Defense: 95
    Sp. Attack: 120
    Sp. Defense: 70
    Speed: 70

    Straight Up Steel Trapper
    Item: Evolution Stone
    Ability: Magnet Pull
    Nature: Timid
    Evs: 46 HP 252 Sp. Attack 212 Speed
    -thunderbolt/charge beam
    -hidden power fire
    -magnet rise

    A bring back of magnezoneís old forth gen set. No longer is magneton outclassed here but magneton outclasses magnezone here! Irony at its best. The general goal is to switch in on some slow steel type fool and finish him off because he canít escape or do nothing to you. Substitute does 2 things first off if you do indeed trap something generally it will be on a bad move and they canít break though a sub. Also with a substitute you can set something up if you predict they are switching because many steels these days have shed shell and that at least allows you to attack once afterwards. Thunderbolt is a good stab move and you main attacking option. But charge beam should also be considered seeing as ferrothorn a very common pokemon canít do shit to you with a sub and you could possible get up to 6 boosts. Hidden power fire allows you to 1HKO many ferrothorns and forretresses out there although I should note that with stab thubderbolt does more damage against normal steels. Magnet rise can also be set up on a switch or if your faster can be used against metagrossís incoming earthquake countering it even more. The evs allow you to outrun an adamant scizor which is quite popular although if you really want run max speed to speed tie max speed metagross and outspeed any scizor aside from scarf versions and thatís where magnezone comes in.

    Gravity Set Up
    Item: Evolution Stone
    Ability: Magnet Pull
    Nature: Bold
    Evs: 252 HP 248 Defense 10 Speed
    -hidden power fire
    -substitute/magnet rise

    Gravity set up is one of the few things magneton can do better now with better defenses. Although if you want to set up screens on a gravity team too then due to not being able to hold light clay then magnezone is better. Magneton makes a great gravity set upper due to it being able to get it set up then setting up a sub them killing whatever steel there. Thunder gets 100% accuracy with gravity and a nice paralysis chance. Hidden power fire hurts other steels hard but as with the last set if a steel type what isnít dually weak then choose thunder. Substitute is good for predicting switches and hit hard with thunder on whatever comes in or magnet rise to be immune to earthquake for metagorss. The evs mazimize defense bulkyness to take physical hits if needed. The 10 speed just allows you to outrun standard 6 speed skarmory and metagross sets.

    Substitute-Salac Berry Sweeper
    Item: Salac Berry
    Ability: Magnet Pull
    Nature: Timid
    Evs: 30 HP 252 Sp. Attack 228 Speed
    -charge beam
    -hidden power grass/hidden power fire
    -thunderbolt/flash cannon/magnet rise

    Pretty much the only non evolution stone set out there stat still works at all. And even then this is still gimmicky. The idea here is to switch into a choiced steel attack and charge beam up behind a substitute that you set up and after a few substitutes salac berry breaks through then sweep that steel type and then the rest of his team. Hidden power grass is ok to attack swampert and swampert which would wall this set or hidden power fire excadrill which also wall this set. Thunderbolt is a stronger electic move with higher power which you might need or magnet rise to also wall earthquake attackers (on your switch in of course). The evs allow you to outspeed any pokemon up to base 125 after a boost while the rest goes to sp attack to sweep and HP to wall. HP also has the added benefit because after 3 substitute salac berry kicks in. This set can be dangerous since most people expect an evolution stone set and possible set there evs to it not expecting this faster set.

    Other Options:
    -discharge offers paralysis chance but generally thunderbolts better power is well better
    -magnetonís main options come from hidden powers grass kills off swampert and gastro don which would normally counter you ground for heatran and other magnetons and anemones ice for dragons
    -explosion is much weaker now and much less of an option
    -scarf sets are possible but generally other pokemon are much better
    -any thing else that can be done magnezone can do better

    Team Options:
    -things that benefit from steels done like dragon types which can lure out steels
    -killing scizor whatever benifts from that mainly tyranitar and psychic types
    -physical attacker since its walls by special tanks
    -likes walls breakers to obviously break walls

    -special walls
    -things with earthquake
    -fast special sweepers
    -gastrodon and swampert
    -Grachomp and excadrill
    -volt absorbers
    -ground types
    -dug trio traps the trapper even more irony on top of irony

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    MU its a better trapper then magnezone but aside from that it has little utility

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