so......i'm new here (obviously). I joined cuz my super smokin hot boyfriend (qoorl) told me too. and because sometimes when he's posting I read over his shoulder and comment to things other people post and he said... "you know you could make your own, and then they could actually hear what you say" and also... "you leaning over my shoulder like that makes me nervous." so... i guess since he's right (cuz he's always right), I am now a new member to this forum! WHEE AND YAY FOR ME!

I live in Mississippi (w/ qoorl and his precious little spawnling). I am a chef and I just got a job at this awesome New Orleans jazzy style restaurant (the purple parrot) as a chef (obviously). I like to paint and cook and other art-tastic stuff. My favorite color is green... and I believe in unicorns (so there).