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Thread: firered/leafgreen speed run method!!!

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    Default firered/leafgreen speed run method!!!

    now this speed run concept was originally developed by me, when trying to come up with a speed run team that could effectively sweep anything in the game with the fewest possible moveslots! and the only method that seemed to work realisticially was the double V method. it was tested once by me, and it does work in FRLG. the timing is perfectly mapped out, the pokemon that you battle are perfect for training the pokemon in question, and they complement eachother type-wise and stat-wise.

    The Venusaur and Vaporeon Method or "double V" method


    (FIRST THING YOU DO: set text speed to fast, set battle scene off, and battle style to set)

    1. get bulbasaur

    2. do normal rigamorol to parcel mission

    3. go through the forest until you die or get to the other side.

    (if you die, go and kill gary, if you get through, continue)

    4. kill brock

    5. buy as many repels as possible

    6. MAKE SURE YOU ARE AN IVYSAUR BY THIS POINT (KEEP TACKLE!!! its the only thing that will
    kill oddish)

    7. run through mt. moon really fast

    8. make sure ur at lv 20 by now, and go catch a spearow (it will make sense soon)

    9. kill misty before gary (its faster, and free exp.)

    10. gary (use lots of hax to rape his team)

    11. grind the trainers

    12. bill's thing

    13. vermilion

    14. grind some trainers to get to lv 25 AT THE LEAST (i was at 30)

    15. trade the spearow for a farfetch'd (great slave)

    16. run through the ship (grinding is not necessary)

    17. kill gary (should be reasonably easy)

    18. get cut (lol)

    19. fight any amount of grind trainers you like (but not too many for time), then kill surge

    20. go back to cerulean, and go towards rock tunnel

    21. you DO NOT need flash. use repels and grind some trainers.

    (the rest of the game is mostly quick grinds, and maintaining only 2 battling
    pokemon: vaporeon and venusaur)

    22. after rock tunnel, venusaur should be about lv 36

    23. skip lavender, and run to celadon, where alot of team stuff will occur


    1. get eevee by running behind the big building and entering.

    2. go to the front of the big building and go in. talk to the old bitch and get the tea

    3. go to the superstore and buy a waterstone (use it on eevee immidiately!!! no exceptions!).
    then teach it water pulse that you won from misty.

    4. go to the tree at the far left of celadon before biking road and use cut. run through
    and get fly from the girl in the house, then teach it to farfetch'd.

    5. begin the team rocket hideout mission.

    6.*****IMPORTANT***** fight JUST ENOUGH rocketeers to get vaporeon to level 30. bite will
    be its big special attack against all of the psychics coming soon. and also make sure to
    grab the blackglasses! great for bite!

    7. sweep giovanni. should be easy.

    8. fly to vermilion to obtain the bike voucher from the pokemon maniac club (OPTIONAL)

    9. fly to cerulean to get the bike. (OPTIONAL)

    10. fly to lavender

    11. gary (should be easy)

    12. level up vaporeon to level 36 (for aurora beam), then skip battles as much as you can.

    13. kill mamawak

    14. kill team rocketfags

    15. get the scope

    16. make sure your main attackers (venusaur and vaporeon) are at about lvl 40.

    17. go kill erika, but kill the minimum amount of gym girls

    18. DO NOT TEACH GIGA DRAIN TO VENUSAUR!!!!!!!!! 5 pp ruins speed runs



    1. ok, now vaporeon takes over the last 4 gyms. start by going to saffron

    2. do the whole silph co thing (get veunaur to level 45 first, then use vaporeon)

    3. if you take the quickest route through the tower (took me 3 minutes), then you should
    have venusaur at 45 and vaporeon at about 43-45. heal up, then take gary on.

    4. lapras get

    5. lapras put away

    6. kill giovanni once again (super easy)

    7. then fly to lavender, and speed down to fuscia

    8. do the safari zone missions (takes 2 minutes with max repels)

    9. teach surf to vaporeon and stregnth to venusaur (you might change it for EQ later)

    10. go back to saffron

    11. kill sabrina with vaporeon bite-spam

    12. go to fuscia and do the same but with surf

    13. fly to pallet and surf down to cinnibar. while on the way, level up venusaur as much
    as you can on trainers ONLY. lv 50 is a good stopping point.

    14. speed through the mansion with repels and venusaur. vapo will get enough exp from
    the gyms.

    15. cinnibar gym. now you can speed or grind. whichever you choose. grinding is what i did,
    and it definitely helped. (venus: lv 52, vapo: lv 49)

    16. get ready for pointlessness!!! TRI ISLES!

    17. don't explore. get every mission done post haste and leave.

    18. fly to vermilion and speed through the gym.

    19. totally rape giovanni with vaporeon at like lvl 55 (mine was 56)

    20. you might want to teach EQ to venusaur, but to each his own

    21. kill gary with vaporeon since his team is almost begging to be raped by it

    22. go back to a p. center and get your PP restocked. grab as many ethers/elixers as you can
    muster, and get ready for endurance...


    1. level up venusaur with the trainers in victory road. it needs it.

    2. remember to repel constantly.

    3. make sure they are both at about 58 ( somewhere around that)

    4. heal up, buy as many full restores/revives as possible, and challenge the league.

    5. LORELI: ok, so most of the game is basicially this...
    Sleeppowder>leech seed/razorleaf> razor leaf. continue to do this until vicotry.

    6. BRUNO: repeat step 5, but razor leaf onixes out.

    7. AGATHA: vaporeon takes the stage. use bite to rape agatha, and surf/aurora beam to
    fuck with golbat and arbok

    8. LANCE: is a bit trickier... set the game to "shift" and start with venusaur. use
    the "step 5" attack set to kill gyrados. when he switches to anything else, vaporeon
    can take it out with aurora beam.

    9. GAY *erm* GARY: ok, this one is amazingly hard with 2 pokes. if you don't have a magneton,
    start with vaporeon. do not use acid armor! he only has 2 physical attackers that vaporeon
    might have to deal with! aurora it out of the doubt. he will send in eggsecute. use bite
    (since it has blackglasses boost). it will probably put you to sleep, so full restore.
    it will proceed to giga drain, but vapo takes it like a man. simply bite it till it dies.
    then, he will probably send in gyrados or charizard. charizard is an easy KO, but gyrados
    is trickier... switch to venusaur and sleep-leech-leaf it out. when he sends in alakazam,
    you can use vaporeon or venusaur, since neither will get a 1HKO from it, and they both
    have a method of killing it. as for rhydon/charizard, vapo makes quick work of them.


    11. profit! you have just beaten the E4 with 2 pokemon in ridiculously fast time!

    12. credits

    my personal experience with this method!:

    beat all gyms by 5:00
    at indigo plateau by 6:07
    beat the e4 at 8:12 (AND THATS WITH TRAINING A MAGNETON FOR THE E4 14 LEVELS because it was a test run)

    your team should look something like this:

    Venusaur lv60: stregnth, leech seed, sleep powder, razor leaf

    Vaporeon lv60: acid armor, bite, surf, aurora beam

    well, i had fun doing this run, and i hope you take some odd insight from it for the 4th/5th gen runs

    your welcome

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    I don't like running. Making it harder for myself is fun.

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    lol. its really hard to do a speed run on camera

    trust me O.O

    your welcome

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    Is that hours or minutes?

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    hours. it doesn't record seconds shad T.T

    your welcome

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    Impressive. o.o

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    Why does Venusaur has strength? With only 2 pokemon you should have an HM slave for that since that would be better places with earthquake or something.

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