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Thread: Mississippi Institute of Technorcery

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    Default Mississippi Institute of Technorcery

    Ever Since the Grand Conjuction, things haven't been the same in the good U.S.A., or the world for that matter. The South lost the Civil War of course and with the Restoration being a failure on a massive scale, the Southern states took to the one thing that might make the lower half of the U.S. viable again. Sorcery. With many former plantation owners offering up the last of their dwindling fortunes, a massive castle/school was constructed on the Mississippi, not too far outside of New Orleans. And from their a new legacy was born. Sure other magical schools came and went, but the MIT stood out as a shining beacon, they trained talented individuals from across the world, and MIT students were vital in bringing and end to both the first and second World War.

    Things have changed however, a new treaty has allowed newer, non human races into the fold at the Mississippi Institute of Technorcery, the Manimals, hybrid beast humanoids had long lobbied to be allowed entrance to the school, boasting of their natural connection to the great aetheric forces that controll magic. Civil Rights have finally caught up to even these beings and Manimals are accorded full rights and even begrudging respect.

    The Automata were deemed sentient and given full rights even before the first World War, but only now with the allowance of the Manimals, have they pressed their right to attend the Magical College.

    On the other side of the coin, part of the treaty that ended the War of the Worlds, has just allowed the Quiploth a right to apply for attendence as well, and the first generation of the bizzare near lovecraftian extraterrestrials are preparing to enter the hallowed halls and learn the mystical might of magic.

    Now the faculty prepares for a year of uncertainty and a new class is chomping at the bit to learn the intricacies of the Sorcerous Art. Even as the first airships begin to arrive, students are already separating themselves off into smaller social groups.

    It's a bit of Harry Potter, with a U.S. of A. Twist, but Now there's Robots, FUrries, and horrible tentacled insectoid aliens as well! Let the College Hijinxs commence!

    I'll get an application form/aptitute test ready as soon as I know if anyone's interested.

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    I'll give it a whirl...

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    yeah sure, i'll play

    your welcome

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