Welcome to the world a Charon. A semi technological society, that still lingers on to old ways. Charon is a fantastic world with robots, war, monsters, and scandals. But before I dwell on the specifics, you must understand the world of Charon. Charon is not a world as we know it , it is a leveled world with 4 known levels. From the outside it looks to be some sort of large cave complex, but the people of Charon have never thought of that. The sky above is man made with artificial light, and every country has literally walls that separate them, again large caverns like a cave. Water flows from the top down creating large seas and oceans as well as islands that people live on.

Level 1

The bottom most level only touched by the hands of civilization, again, in recent times. Main nation is the Robotic one.

Vast empty land little exists here. The ancient ruins which long ago was the capital city, of the Fisians, now there glorious city is nothing but waste. No one live here aside from archeologists. Anymal is a once forgotten colony, which contains old Alealane, colonists which have now proclaimed independence. They are very technologically savy, only second in technology to Technologia. But there population is very small, and they have little of an economy due to there isolated location. On Mecher appears to be a large technological device, its purpose is unknown, no one lives on the island of Mecher.

One of the most isolated location in all of Charon. Appears to be the old ship yard of the Fisians, but because of its scorching average temperature of 130, lets no one live there. In Hotts are 2 large canisters of unknown origin, and purpose some have suggested that they pump the water back up to level 4. Also in Hotts, are the Acid Containers which is a large entirely filled with old acid containers, which may have had some purpose on old Fisian ships. Also the Depths which appears to be an entrance to more deeper, unexplored levels, populated by monster spiders similar in anatomy to the ones found on level 4.

The biggest thing about level 1. Populated mainly with Robots of all shapes and sizes. Only a few decades ago the region was split between Alealanes and Catandrians, but the Robots declared independence. But there occupation still has effects to this day. North Robo City contains not only Robots, but androids, hybrids, and normal Alealanes and Catandrians; it was once occupied by Catandria. While the south contains pure robots northing else, once occupied by Alealane. Also in Roboland exist a land ship yard, which provides for the income of Roboland, they make merchant and war ships for other nations. They also have a farm which provides enough food for the whole developed world. The highlands is a strategic military outpost, where Roboland troops occupy and look over the main paths into there country, in fear of any re-occupation.

Level 2

One of the most diverse of the levels with both deserts and tropical rain forests. For the empires it is important as there main trading route between level 3 and level 1.

Stands for Luntrum United Alliance. In the past it was very separated, but after being occupied by the empires, they decided to join up. L.U.N. is fairly radical similar in tendencies and attitude to our Middle East. They have fought several wars against the Alealanes, but have never been able to get there whole country back. The occupied territory is the main port restocking level 1 bound ships. Normal port for the L.U.N does the same thing but is less popular. Oasis is a large desert lake that allows for people to live in the heart of the desert. The rest is a waste land although there are people still live in it as nomads.

A huge thing rain forest inhabited by natives. In the forest there is a river that acts as the main trading route. The forest is split into 2 regions, the normal forest and highlands. In the high lands exists people that have never seen or heard of the empires, due to them being no where near there trading routes. But in the normal forest by the river the natives constantly are raiding and attacking trading ships. The natives are simple people using bows and arrows to attack and living it small huts.

The people Kituun are very similar to the people of the forest. The big difference between the too is Kituun isnít a forest but a flat plains land, and there appearance. In Kituun also exist large elephant like creatures that the Kituuns have tamed and use for war. Like L.U.N. the Alealanes have occupied a section of Kituun and are using it as a port to restock up on supplies. But unlike L.U.N., the Kituuns are simple and have never been even close to successful in any of there raids.

Gas Area
An area entirely filled with toxic gas. But unlike the fogs of Batomb, Gas Area gas is not only not breathable but corrosive. No ship has ever lasted more then a minute in the gas. This is one of the least explored of all the regions because of this. In fact what little they do know comes from radar imagery. From there results it seems like there may be an entrance, to another larger cavern beyond this. Alealane is restless to see whatís there.

Level 3

While it may be the level that contains the 2 greatest empires of the world it to has is mysteries. No one has ever ventured into the vast land of the Eeyos and Batomb is relatively new founded territory.

Batomb is filled entirely by a think yellow fog which is not breathable. Its believed that its created by a local volcano. Even though the air is not breathable people live here as natives, they are more similar in culture to the people of Forest, but have a more similar appears to Kituu peoples. But unlike the other natives they welcomed the Alealanes with open arms. Currently under much study by Alealaneís brightest.

Land of the Eeyos
Eeyos are tall lankly creatures up to 20 feet tall. They have very large heads. The reason no one dares to come into there land is there scream, which can kill people within seconds. The people of Charon believe them to the mindless monsters, but there is some evidence to support that there are sentient. Because of there deadly scream no one has ever explored this area, and thus no one has ever explored level 4.

The main fishing area for Catandria, which required fish as food. Most of this land is uninhabited aside from the fishing port island ,where fishers go and stay and trade there fish in for money. Gaint fish monsters live here too, and are known to swallow entire ships.

While is may be a world power is certainly doesnít act like it. Catandria has no concern for the rest of the world and, only wants to occupy Fisherlain. Catandians need fish to survive, as there only food they can eat but, there ocean long ago where fished dry. Catandria is very liberal, being possibly the most ethically modern of any of the countries. The only reason they even trade with the Robots, is for ships and machines to defend themselves from Alealane, if they plan to invade. Catandira and Alelane are fierce competitors but, for hundreds of years they has been no real war between them. Catandria has several fisher ports which distribute the fish for the rest of the nation. They also have a large main city island, which holds most of there population and is a sprawling metropolitan paradise, the pinnacle of fashion and style, as with a capital island which they govern from. Catandrians have 2 large zoos as Catandrians love animals. Its sort of a country entirely inhabited by rich snobs.

The most powerful empire there influence spreads throughout the world. While Alealane may be the strongest empire, but its very diverse internally, only being united under one flag a few hundred years ago. Main city contains most of the population, but unlike Catandria, the main city here is mostly slums with most of the population below the poverty line. The Heat Islands are not the most populous, but are the attitude of the entire country being very conservative and very aggressive. The reason why they are the attitude of the country, is this is there where army comes from over 85% of the population on the Heat Islands are registered in the military; and was the main invading power hundred of years ago that united Alealane. Capital island holds the ruling class which in Alealane is a monarchy. The rest of Capital Island is a port and shipyard, as they donít want to be entirely dependant on Roboland for ships. Freeland is a radical liberal island, which does everything it can to be an independent nation, but all there rebellions are squashed and they are forced to be part of Alealane. Technogia is the pinnacle of technology, all the smartest minds live and work here; name some crazy science thing and they are working on it. Funded entirely by the military, and all there products go directly there. Dark Land is populated by mystics and psychics, it also has a decent population, the land is also dark because the lights over it are broken.

Standoff Barge
Hundred of years ago this was the battle ground between the 2 nations. It ended in a draw, with both sides agreeing for nuetral control in the strategic area. The sand barge is a great place to shoot down enemy troops comming up from level 2 and who ever controlls it controls the trading routes. If a war started between the 2 it would start here. Troops are always on the barge.

Level 4

Largely unknown only scientists know of this land because of radar. No one has ever set there eyes on this level because the eeyos block the entrance. It is populated entirely by large spiders.

Playable Races
Alea-Look like yellow tigers that stand on 2 feet. Alealane people also look a big buff and are large, although it can vary depending on the person but Heat Islands people usually are stereotypical like this. Also people in Dark Land are not yellow but Purple. All Alealanes have the power to summon electricity and attack things with it, like Pikachu.
Catan-similar is appear to Alealanes but 2 large differences, first off there are a lot less bulky and are a bit shorter, and they lack the ability to summon electricity.
Batomb-They can be comparable to land eels. They have fin like arms and legs and a long lankly body they are about on average 7 feet tall. Also look like there slippery and are yellow. They can not breath normal air needed a suit outside of Batomb.
Lunt- Look like fish but are actually more related to reptiles. They look very similar to guppies, being round with 2 short stubby arms and big faces with a mouth that is slightly always open mouth. They have 2 short stubby legs.
Native Foresters- look short of like human size Lemurs, and yep thatís exactly how that look.
Kituun-they look very similar to Batomb people, accept they are not yellow but dark red. And they have breath normal air.
Aymal-A sort of mix between Alea and Catan they are not big and bulky but still maintain there power of electricity.
Robot-standard model looks like a bipedal humanoid. Generally they arenít solid though you can see through he holes in there arm and face sort of like walking skeletons. But as robots there vary some are more car like, some are hybrids between other races, and robot and some are just straight up android looking like another race entirely.

Any job that you can get in real life can be gotten here. Rather then list all the jobs you can do its easier to say which jobs you canít do.
-bus driver
-stock broker
-unemployed (but homeless is allowed)
-computer anything
-postal worker
-world leader (you can be a politician or tribe leader just nothing too big)
Just donít try to get fancy. This is an alien world it doesnít have something we do. If you choose a job that you canít have sorry you just canít do it.

For RP purposes everyone starts out with 10 points place them into the following categories to determine how much money you have how attractive you are etc.. Everyone automatically has 0 everything. Only 5 points max per category, and you can take them out of categories if you wish but no more then 2 out of any.

Money: how much mojo you got, for some people it matter others it doesnít, lower levels are average and can get a few things, mid levels you can buy lots of stuff and upper levels have whatever they want. Negative points makes you poor.
Intelligence: lower levers and you not the smartest guy around. Mid levels and you can make a few wise cracks and know random things. Upper levels is genius. Negative is retarded.
Strength: average and your nothing special. Mid and you have a few muscles. Upper and youíre a body builder or super human.
Attractiveness: average and you nothing special. Mid levels and you pretty hot and upper levels allows you to be drop dead gorgeous. Negative levels makes you ugly.
Personality: average and youíre a normal person mid and your kinda cool, upper and your really cool, and might be able to sway people your way and unite people. Negative and your socially awkward.
Psychic Power: No psychic power and you have nothing so its suggested you have at least one to get premonitions. Mid levels and you can be a professional psychic seeing into the future and ghosts and stuff. Upper levels allow you to move objects Jedi style or even control minds. Negative levels makes you susceptible to mind control and ghost attacks.

Example: Fisher
Money: -1 Poor but who needs money
Intelligence: 3 Enough to sail the winds pretty smart guy too
Strength: 3 Pretty strong can control is boat
Attractiveness: 3 Pretty Handsome guy
Personality: 1 Sings a few sailor songs thatís about it
Psychic Power: 1 Sees in a dream that fish about to swallow him up and stays out of that area

Gender: male or female. Only robots can be no gendered and usually they have genders too.

You guys like to wear clothes and stuff, but I should note that lazer guns exist but they are expensive, as with hover crafts. Just donít get too crazy, if I tell you to tone it down and knock off a few items, then take them off.

Anyone can die at any time sorry but it happens. I would prefer that you PM me and them before hand though. Just donít go around killing people though. Probably I as the narrator will kill the most people because of events happening. If you die just make another person.

Whatever you want just donít like longer then 300 years because thatís too old for any of these people

Current Location:

Psychic Power:


Being a whole world at first it might be hard for you people to meet one another, so I will only start getting the ball rolling once you all start meeting up. Whenever I post in white thatís when I am narrating.