It just dawned on me how bad nintendo has trolled Flareon. I mean they have trolled this thing really really bad. A bit of history:

Gen 1

Flareon was made odviously. It got a great attack with low speed. Also its defenses are shit meaning it can't tank at all. Thats pretty bad itself but what made this thing aweful was the fact that it had literally 2 useable moves: a fire attack and normal. Only the non stabed normal attacj was effected by its amazing attack. Aside from that it had to go off its special fire attack. can someone say walled entirely by rocks?

Gen 2

Flareon got 2 big things: hidden power and shadow ball. Shadow ball and hidden powers are physical meaning it can actually use its attack for something! Tied with the filler move fire blast things where looking up for flareon.

Gen 3

Flareon got overheat which allowed it to use special fire moves and this use its return/shadowball/physical hidden power. Possibly the best generation for this thing yet.

Gen 4

While many pokemon thrived in this new generation Flareon cursed game freak. The biggest disapointment for Flareon since gen 1! It lost lost shadow ball and physical hidden powers! And what did it get? FIRE FANG! What the hell nintendo! Making it about as useful as it was in gen 1! It wasn't until the very very end of the generation that flareon could get superpower. Which is ok but not a replacement for the lost moves at all.

Gen 5

A bit better then last generations. It got guts atleast and nitro charge. But even guts is illegal with superpower its ONLY good move it got after the split.

You know something isd wrong when you can rate a pokemon's usefulness in each gen like this:

1. Gen 3
2. Gen 2
3. Gen 5
4. Gen 4
5. Gen 1