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    The ship lurched as it settled down upon the grass. As the airlock opened, the smell of machinery and flora hit the nostrils at once, creating an odd sensation. The sound of a river flowing could be heard over the faint hum of gadgetry beneath the dirt. The dome closed overhead, and all was plunged into artificial light.

    "Good morning general," said a young fellow adorned in blue robes, "What do you think of biology dome 27-B?"

    "It is very nice," replied the general, taking off his shoes to feel the grass between his toes, "But might I inquire as to why I was asked to arrive into this dome?"

    "The domes are tourist friendly, good landing fields, but most importantly," a pause, "secure."

    The general stared at the gentleman.

    "Follow me," said the young fellow in the blue robes.

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    "Theta 8-16 in progress," buzzed a voice in Marcus' ear. "Repeat, Theta 8-16 in progress. Sector 39, intersection of Cain and Noble. Riot teams requested."
    Second time this week, thought Marcus. And it's only Pyresday*. He headed for the garage, checking his weapons. It was rare for there to be more than one riot a month in Corian, but there had already been two since the turn of the year. Probably just a cult getting too big for its boots. No doubt there'd be some raids after this. Marcus climbed into the squad APC.
    "Alright, let's move out," he said, tapping on the partition between the cab and passenger compartment.

    * Wednesday. Like many cultures, days on Arcturia are named after important figures in local mythology. Pyre is the god of the sun, although few believe in him in these times.

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