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    Default Tony's Breeding Corner.

    I can breed you any Pokemon you need.
    I will breed them with*:

    Moves you want**

    Specific EV sets***

    *This is not a full list, just a General one. I will Nickname, give specific Genders etc also.

    **There ARE limitations. You can not just have a Pokemon learn any move you want it to. I will tell you if it can be bred to have it.

    ***I do not mean EV train. I mean will get you an Attack and Speed Charmander etc.

    Please do these things*:

    1. Do not Demand Pokemon, I am very busy at times and I will just ignore you.

    2. I do not accept requests for Shiny hatches. I will ignore them.

    *This is just a basic list, I reserve the right to add to it at any time.

    I normally don't charge for what I breed. There are instances that I will charge for the Pokemon. Note: Everything that is not listed below will be free. I.E. Nicknames, Genders etc.

    Example 1:
    Breed a Chimchar
    No Specific EV Set
    No Moves
    Price: Free*

    Example 2:
    Breed a Mudkip
    Specific EV Sets
    No Moves
    Price: A good Pokemon. Nothing Fancy, just a middle of the Road Pokemon.

    Example 3:
    Breed a Beldum
    Specific EV Set
    Price: Something better than a middle of the road Pokemon. Although, nothing from OU tiered or higher.

    *No trade is 'Free'. You must give something in return. By 'Free' I mean something like a Bidoof.
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