Dietrich took stock of the situation. He was surrounded in the middle of the woods by three of the overgrown rodents they called Rattata. He was far enough away from the village that no one would hear him. He had a stout length of chain.

Of course yelling for help likely wouldn't have done any good. He was a pariah, an outcast. His friend Nick never had trouble like this. He was well liked in the community and it looked as if he'd take over as it's protector once he came of age. Dietrich however... most people just ignored him, avoided him, or just seemed to wish he'd go away. It wasn't like there was anything strange about his personality. He was a little shy but nothing truly bizarre. No it was that one incident, that caused all Dietrich's troubles with the village of Kolm.

No time for Nostalgia now however, one of the purple furred beasts leapt at the young man's throat. Dietrich whipped the chain around, catching it across the mouth with a satisfying smack and sending it flying into the tall grass beyond. The remaining two growled and continued to circle.

Try as he might to fight back the old memories, it was no use. It seemed to be the source of all his troubles. He could recall it, clear as day...when he was only about five or so, and the thing attacked... It was fairly large, many of the pokemon that prowled near the village were small... like these rattata, but this thing was huge with dark leathery skin and it's gleaming toxic horns. It had attacked his family in the street, crushing his little sister underfoot and disembowling his mother with one blow. His father had tried to fight the thing off, but it simply gored him and tossed his body aside like a ragdoll. The other villagers had recovered from the initial horror and Nick's father was rallying them to attack the thing. It should have killed Nick then. Instead the damned thing just looked at him... stared at him with those souless eyes, and turned and walked away.

The second rattata became bold and scurried at Dietrich. He caught it's side with a vicious kick, sprawling it out. The final creature hissed and then they all disappeared back into the tall grass, leaving Dietrich alone, in eerie silence.

Sure Nick's father and the hunting party managed to track the creature down and slay it but the damage had been done. It had...looked at Dietrich... not attacked him, not casually ripped him to shreds. As if there were something different about him. The people of Kolm were naturally superstitious and so Dietrich became an outcast. Sure he could live in the city, but almost no one would talk to him, and no one, not even Nick would look him in the eyes.

The silence was grating on the nerves. Dietrich dropped to his knee and inspected his leg. One of the Rattata has gotten in a nasty scratch. Hopefully it wouldn't get infected. There was hardly any such thing as medicine these days. Suddenly as the young man mused and checked himself the silence was broken by the snapping of twigs. Dietrich looked up and saw The Old Man.

Dietrich knew about him, everyone in the village knew about him. He was a bigger outcast than Dietrich but he still lived near the village and traded with them occasionally. He was legitimately strange, with his purple hooded cassock, and the old pokeballs that hung from his belt. Usually he covered his face with a Duskull mask, but now Dietrich saw his actual face.

Truth be told, he didn't seem that old. Older than most of the adults in Kolm sure, but then people didn't survive all that long anymore anyways. His hair was dark, his skin was pale. The most unusual thing was his eyes. One was a dark brown, the other a striking pink. And he met Dietrich's gaze. This unsettled the boy the most. For the first time in forever, someone looked into his eyes. Dietrich let his eyes cut away. He couldn't meet the man's visage.

"I think it's time we do something about your lack of responsibilities," The man said.

Dietrich looked at him quizzically. What WAS he talking about?

"I can teach you," the old man continued," give you the skills you need to be a protector of the people. To help reshape the world. Maybe even give people back hope."

Now Dietrich's awe gave way to doubt. Hope to people? In this god forsaken wasted world that we live in? Was the old man really serious... people were killed nearly daily... if not by wild pokemon, then by raiders.

"How exactly is ANYONE supposed to do that?" Dietrich gave voice to his doubts.

"I intend to teach you how to control the Pokemon," the man replied, and turned his back.

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