If you've been around Youtube recently, you might have noticed that people are posting chain mails as their comments.

But this is one is the worst of all:

"In 1969, A man died of limb decapitation from a Ghost named Leekee Leekee. The last thing that the man heard from the ghost was "I am the Ghost of Leekee Leekee, And I have come to chop your Deekee Deekee!" Now that you have read this, Comment this on 3 other different videos or else Ghost Leekee Leekee herself will get you while you are using the restroom.. "

Do people actually believe that posting a 5 sentence story as a comment for a video, showing it to many people, having those gullible people posting it on other videos, and then you posting it in more places therefore tricking people in posting it even more is "cool" or "time worthy"?

Give me break you annoying commentors of bandwidth waste.

And for believe who go: "It's amazing! That comment was true about me finding my true love because I posted it in three videos before Friday!"

My god those people need to take a break from Youtube. -_-

I'm in a ranting mood due to lack of sleep, that's all.