Self congratulatory thread here. Now everyone give yourself a pat on the back and start posting about how awesome you are. No special occasion, I just felt like posting some nice stuff about nice people! Even though some of the people aren't here, but heck.

Peeki, Xion, Qoorl: Best RPers I've ever met <3 Peeki, for being the best RP partner I ever had. Xion, for being plain awesome. Also, Qoorl, you have the coolest way of classifying people, ever.

Eve, Kelsh: My homegirls

God, Mario: Just for being yourselves. Even if Mario isn't here. He's still tops.
Ed: For the Art Board and Spam!

TA: Your intelligent style, yeah.

Solly: I don't care what PD thinks about Solly, his posts are top quality. Love your sense of humour so much.

Kirby: You've improved a lot and I do like having you around.

CL: For the memories, and your Pokemorphs. I somehow always link you to your Pokemorphs.

If I haven't mentioned anyone here, it just means that I've suffered a brain lapse (sorry!) or I haven't interacted with you that much. Everyone here is still awesome. Now everyone use this thread to post about happy stuff.