Sometimes I wish that love didn't apply in these kinds of situations. Barriers cannot keep us apart! Can't you see that? Is it not obvious to you as it is to me? Love is free! Love is the wind! Love is freedom! Love is the sweaty, dirty, unmentionable things you do with your beard at night because of your inhuman love of facial hair!

Why can't you just see that? Why can't you just understand that this is not a one-way relationship? We've been like this forever, you and I. Sometimes I dream...dream of a world where these indecent men and women pull us apart from each other! Why?! Why must it be so! The dreams we shared, the bed we so carelessly used in the throes of passion. Are we truly dead?

No! I scream it into the heavens, I bolster your name into the infinite void within my heart, where the memories of you fill the ever expanding corridors of my prison. The laughter I hear is almost monotonous now. It used to be playful, but as of late the whisperings of the wind upon my doorstep echo an unfriendly passage of time. Woe to these chains that bind! Woe to that kiss that surrendered nothing of yourself!

Even now, as I toil away in the fields of fortitude and enslavement, I ask of you...yet you shatter me against the rock of uncertainty! (too much imagery). So I as go into the fray that beckons me to come and lay down my life, even still I agonize over you. Will this binding love made in secret remain a bond of trust or that ever fateful pact of sorrow.

Until we embrace again,

Leonard T. Eckleburg

Written in silence, delivered in secret.