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IKR Qoorl, I don't know what I would do if Clever Cat didn't chime in with his 2 pennies worth of his own brand of angst now and then, while ironically bitching about someone else's need to be consoled.

I wonder, should I dig up one of his old angsty whine threads full of self loathing and recriminations or just let it slide this time?
this post is just another appalling one from a long line when it comes to you. would you rather i stay clinically depressed and mentally fucked up just so i can tolerate this? are you that much of a bitch? usually i just leave this to justin but you are really fucking annoying and your posts are really fucking stupid.

so yeah, do whatever you want. bring up threads from three years ago but let me tell you, my absurd actions and atomika's pleading for sympathy are so unlike each other you'd be proving nothing.

also lol @ clever cat namedrop. that makes you look so witty i bet everyone's going to look up to you now!

grow the fuck up.

also qoorl i don't know what the hell your problem has been recently but i've let your stupid comments slide long enough. shut the fuck up with your undeserved negative posts about me that you slyly make in public and the next time you have a problem with what i say, address it instead of trying to impress people.

because guess what, you two. this isn't 2007 anymore. i'm regarded as a cool guy and that's mostly because i'm a lax guy but if you two keep this up, my passive nature could turn aggressive. i'm not taking it anymore. i really couldn't care less as to what you two think of me but i'm not letting you drag me down on the forums just so you can self-validate yourselves.