Ok, so, being a guy who still enjoys a rousing game of pokemon I've yet to evolve past the third generation of pokemon. I beat Pearl, but that's about it. One online match and I was done. I do, however, still play Emerald and Blue.

Ok, ok, let me go the real point of this thread: h ow does the 5th generation and the games themselves stack up? I know I've seen quite a bit of criticism and read a couple reviews, but the real aspect I'm wanting to experiment with is the online PvP experience. Now granted I usually suck against people with these masterful Sandstorm/Baton/Drizzle teams, but I'm willing to suffer through whatever is necessary.

How does the online stack up against Pearl/Diamond? Rather, how does the competitive aspect with new tricks and pokemon compare? Also, how are the game mechanics? Been wondering about this. Would you recommend the new generation to a guy still in love with Gen 1 and 3?