Today I have achieved a milestone of human willpower: 123 posts. As my 123rd post, i wish to say thank you. Thank you for a wonderful time filled with happiness, tears, laughter and an indignation for fried foods. I have learned much while among you, you brave people of yore. But today I must venture forth into the yonder where I shall do battle with enemies from my past! So therefore, I have decided to write my farewell. So long, friends. May we meet in another life where facial hair dominates all things akin to flesh and not flesh, for I have seen the light of my day and wish to rest in the darker reaches. Sense may not be made today, but a band of brothers shall be formed from the ashes of my tears, which I will kind of strewn about in a sort of...I dunno...corn gorwing fashion. You know what, fuck it. Think of it as though you were gonna spread seeds but make it tears, and then make those tears give birth to a band of brothers.