Some Important Event in our history

1942 Doktor Professor Tricloptus seeks world domination with Nazi Cyborg Zombies, He is defeated by the Friends of Liberty

1975 The Red Scare unleashes a nanovirus on the earth, intent on making all people, ONE PEOPLE, Sister Superior and the Gentleman of Leisure stops the virus and saves mankind.

1999 The Doomcult summons Astroidus from Beyond... The Eastern Seaboard of the United States becomes covered with an evil malign intelligence which seeks to consum everything, The Merlots team up with Bad Boyz Inc, The Plush Dolls, and Mojo Force VII to banish Astroidus and return the world to it's rightful state.

2010, The Nihlorn arrive from another galaxy. They are highly advanced and they are prepared. Within months all superheroes have been destroyed. Conquest and assimilation of the planet begins. We are all doomed.

They're all gone... your enemies, for what that's worth. You weren't the one to defeat them and now the planet is being taken over by an alien empire. You are a super villian, a public enemy. And you are Earth's Last Hope.

The super heroes are all gone and now it's up to the villains to have any hope of defeating the Nihlorn. Maybe you're not evil...just misunderstood, Maybe you don't like the competition, Maybe you can't Show Them, Show THem All! if no one is left to see you be triumphant. Whatever the reason you've joined the resistance against the Nihlorn empire's conquest of the planet.

SO It's a superhero game... with a twist. You don't have to be perfect... you don't even have to be good, or even likeable. That's not the point. The point is you survived and have a chance to save this pathetic world. It all starts in Virgin City, Pennsylvania. Some of you have gathered at a safehouse to try and find a way to remove the alien menace from your neighborhood and day, from Earth.

Character Creation: Be prepared to edit your posts... once you've got a sign up I'll PM you if there's any changes I'd like to discuss with you. Also be prepared to make another character down the line. If you're tough and smart you might not die, but the odds are stacked against you... the enemy is viscious and powerful and your allies are none too trustworthy. (Yes you can stab each other in the back if it's in character for your villain and if it's good for the story.)

SIgn up

Code Name: You don't HAVE to have one... but they're cool

Real Name: This you'll very likely have.

Age: how old you are.

Sex: Male, Female, Both or Neither (Trannies, Robots, and the like DO exist)

Power Type: This will most likely be Technological, Magical, Scientific,
Mistake of Birth, or Natural... I'll define these a little farther down.

Powers: What can your character DO. This is the part we'll have to work on together, to make it fit the setting and to keep you from being totally useless or too powerful
Origin: How did you come to be who you are. Include some history. Tell us why you're a villain. (Or if you don't see yourself as a villain, tell us why the World thinks of you as one.)

The Power Types:
Technological - USe this if your character uses advanced technology (lasers, battle armor, etc.) or if you're a robot or a cyborg.

Science - Use this if your character exists or has their powers as the result of some sort of scientific experiment or mishap... chemical spills, testing gone wrong, etc.

Mistake of Birth - In another world you might be called a Mutant. Not here. You're stronger or faster or have scaly skin, or whatever because you were Born Different

Magic - Sorcerous power. The Nihlon do NOT have an easy time with magic. That's the reason they attacked and destroyed the House of Merlot as quickly as possible. You'll have an edge but you can better believe you'll be a prime target for extermination.

Natural - you don't have POWERS per se. You're just highly trained, or naturally gifted... ninjas, good leaders, and the like.

Oh yeah... Happy 5k.