26th of March, 2011. A group of people have sought shelter from the storm in a desolate building a couple of miles south of Berlin. The storm, however, is the least of their worries. This is Germany. In the past, the only references a foreigner would make about Germany were the Great Wars or the Wall. Recently, it became country that was talked about only because of its economic warfare on the Euro. As of the 25th of March, 2011, it has become known as the First Purged Country.

The Nazi Zombies rose from graves all over the country and with the majority of them resting beneath Berlin, that was the first city to fall. There has been speculation that the Nazi Zombies are able to communicate with each other, based on the fact that no other city or town has been invaded since yesterday. A theory has been put forward by Nick Domino, UN Spokesperson for international security, detailing a possible plan devised by the zombies: The Berlin Sleepers (as the headlines are calling them) are to take over Germany whilst the small minorities buried under towns and smaller cities are all going to congregate on the border and commence an attack on the rest of Europe.

Their plans, however, are irrelevant to you. Your main focus right now is surviving. Berlin has fallen and you can be sure that the Nazi Zombies aren't going to be partying on the streets. They are going to disperse in different directions and they will find your group. You have all gathered on the top floor of the abandoned building. The windows aren't a good indicator for Zombie presence levels as the storm has made it very hard to see more than five feet ahead of you.

Shaking from either cold or fear, it's your group that's about to fight to death with the Nazi Zombies... if you can even kill them. The question is how long until they find you. That's how long you have to come up with a defence plan.


There is no sign-up sheet for this. Instead, I want you to PM me and only me telling me that you're in. Do not ask anybody if they're taking part in this. I'd rather if you came up with tactics and ideas for the siege by yourself. Obviously all normal rules apply and you will have to introduce your character via the narrative when we begin roleplaying, which will either be later tonight or exactly twenty-four hours from this post, I haven't decided yet.