If you've written a fan fic (story) not related to Pokemon, please post it in this forum. You are currently reading the rules. Here's how to post a fan fic:

1. Register for a login if you haven't got one already.
2. Come into this "Fan Fics" forum and click "new thread".
3. Type the topic the name of your story.
4. Type your story in the text box.
5. Click "Post".

Your story may have a little violence, but only a little. You may use an amount of minimum foul language, and you may not put adult-oriented content inside your story. Your story can be about anything...as long as it's not related to Pokemon. Make sure that it's long enough to make a point and have a meaning to it.

I encourage those of you who read the stories to help me rate them from a scale of 1 to 5. This will help Mewtwo out a lot in the process of putting your story on the website. If you want him to post your story on the Pokemon Dream website, please Private Message me, and I'll review the story to see if it qualifies. Thank you all and happy posting!

Mewtwo's rules brought to you by: Kakashi.