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It's not paranoia. I can see your past posts on Cosmo too. Where days ago you said you didn't like me. So. I still don't see why it's laughable for me to try to resolve our differences.

You are the one whose life is so small that they feel the need to gossip like a school girl behind the backs of posters on a forum they profess not to care about.

Now I know who you really are, I won't waste your time with PMs or any other sort of message again.
1)You mean the thread I posted where I defended you?

2)It is paranoia, whether or not I was posting on Cosmo, you could not see it, and you still suspected those around you.

3)Which makes me think you're projecting :paranoia:

4)You're expecting trust on an internet forum from a random teenager. You post pictures of your child and yet expect complete fidelity of others.

5)There's a difference between gossiping and complaining

6)There's a difference between caring and being annoyed

7)I never asked for your trust, and I never would trust anybody on the internet

8)You sent me a PM asking why I don't like you sometimes, not your social security number

9)This is why I don't like you sometimes

10)I'd prefer we stop this now. I've answered you're question and I've explained everything. I'd rather this not affect the RP.