What the fuck? Thats not even funny, I mean seriously thats the most ridiculus thing I have ever seen. But these things are staying:

-Wobuffet: the the hell? ban the mother fucker you morons
-Garchomp: debatable? Yes but this thing isn't even suspect
-Latios: while Blaziken got banned this got reviewed for mor testing... what?
-Deoxys-D: not even in the running for being banned
-Deoxys-S: more tests... while a simple chicken is now Uber
-Kyurem: this MONSTER with base stats OVER 600! with no hidering ability, its safe and sound in OU

THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO MAKE OUR OWN SERVER! Smogon is way to moronic to be the leader of pokemon. I don't care how much begging I do, we have to stop them from being the top of the food chain. Even if its not PD that becomes the site, it needs to go somewhere not this moronic.