I asked my friend for some names of good books for Quantum Mechanics.

He's doing a BSc in Physics now, and he said to warn you that it's a complex subject so you should start slow and build up the basics before expecting to be all up in the concepts.
Here are some books he recommended:

* Classical Mechanics - Goldstein
* Introduction to Electrodynamics - David J Griffiths

These are just the basics really, it's up to you to read them if you want, but you need to know and to have understood everything in these books. He said to pay attention to the Hamiltonian Equation, and have a good idea about Vector Calculus, Differential Geometry and Vector Analysis.

After all that preliminary work-

The special Theory of Relativity- David Bohm
Introduction to General Relativity- Lewis Ryder
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics - David J Griffiths
Principles of Quantum Mechanics- R Shankar (Indian author, not sure if you'll be able to find it)

These are basically the textbooks that give you a good idea about the subject.