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Thread: A New Begining~!

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    smile A New Begining~!

    In this world of Pokemon we meet up with 5 girls; Karin, Jamie, Karrie, Hannah and Tina. In this story we see how they get through their journeys of living in Pokemon World and become either a Pokemon - Master/Breeder/Model?!/IDOL?!/Professor/ Contest Performer.


    Part of the First story out of a whole series ^^

    Dedicated to best friend Kristin, my partner in writing this story, hope you enjoy it. :]

    Karin Menatsu:
    A very popular girl who was the leader of the KJKHT. She is a highly skilled trainer. She's also really pretty with her long black hair, eyes an azure color, standing at 5”4’. She is ¾ Japanese and ¼ Chinese. Her dream is to be the world's greatest Pokémon Trainer. She always wants to be the best at everything. Her Best Friends are Jamie, Hannah, Tina, and Karrie.

    Jamie Mikayaki:
    Jamie is like Karin's Right hand man (or girl). She is also a very pretty person. With her wavy long brown hair with yellow highlights, eyes dark brown and standing at 5”2’ that is what makes up Jamie. Jamie is a full bred of Japanese. Her dream is also to become the best trainer around but it's mostly around proving to Lance she's also an excellent Dragon Tamer and he's not the only skilled one. She trains very hard with her Dragon Pokémon's thus being a very elite Dragon Tamer. She's a bit ditzy but she'll always know what's right when it comes to friendships and battles.

    Karrie Fujioka:
    Karrie is a girl who is a very sporty type. Her hair is light brown and it's a bit longer than shoulder length, her eye color a sea green. Karrie is ½ Japanese, ¼ Chinese and ¼ Filipino. She is at a normal height of 5”5. Her Dream is to be the best breeder around. She is always smiling and being very happy. She has the nickname Smiley Kiley because of Jamie although her name isn't Kiley. Or it has been shorten down to Smiley. She's a very excellent with making Pokémon food. She and Karin have been friends for a really long time since Karin used to play soccer with Karrie.

    Hannah Yoo:
    Hannah is the shortest out of the group and the most innocent looking… although not all the time she's innocent. She's has medium golden brown hair with innocent looking brown eyes. She’s ¾ Korean and ¼ Japanese. Her dream is to be the greatest coordinator of all time. Her and Jamie have been friends for a really long time so they have quite a few inside jokes together.

    Tina Ashikawa:
    Tina is the smartest one out of all of them. Tina has Jet Black hair with red highlights, her eye color is a light brown. She is also the tallest out of the whole KJKHT at 5”6’. Her dream is to be a Pokémon professor like Professor Oak. She's always studying or trying to earn more credits in school. Tina and Jamie have had a very interesting friendship. They're always picking on each other but they are the tightest best friends.

    Karin was a girl who had it all, the best of friends, the greatest clothes, the best battling skills and popularity. But she would have never come that way without the KJKHT….

    2 years ago
    Mid Pac 7: 30 A.M

    It was the start of the middle school years of Jamie and Karin. It was a nice beautiful day to start school on. There was the slightest breeze; it was very relaxing with a hint of excitement … the perfect day for something amazing to happen…

    "Jamie!" Karin called over, her best friend Jasmine turned and walked up to her to where she was stand, which was by their favorite spot, this Plumeria Tree.

    "Yea?" Jaime asked.

    "Kayla's going to get the table." Karin said. The 'table' was the most cherished thing in school. The myth is that if you sit on the 'table' there you become a Champion. Therefore all the most popular kids got to sit there.

    "I want that table." Jamie whined.

    "Let's gain it then." Karin said with such confidence.

    "Seriously?" Jamie asked. She was pretty hesitant about if they could actually gain it.

    "Yup… let's… become even more popular." Karin said.

    "More than Kayla and her crew?" Jamie asked scared of what might happen.

    "Even more." Karin said with a devious smile Jamie liked that smile. It was very similar to Karin's battle. smile

    Karin's battle smile is... is very scary when you are battling her

    "This won't succeed with just two people. We need more people." Jamie explained thinking about the odds if only two of them tried.

    "Let's gain some more people. We can't let Kayla gain that table." Karin said.

    "JAMIE!" Hannah called. Hannah was another best friend of Jamie. Hannah and Karin were only semi close but they all hung out together. Jamie motioned Hannah to come and she did.

    "I have to tell you something it's really important!" Hannah exclaimed.

    "Kristin said we should beat Kayla to the table." Jamie said.

    "THAT WAS JUST MY EXACT IDEA!" Hannah said excitedly. She high fived Karin for having the bestest idea around.

    "We just need a bit more people." Karin said.

    "What does an Alpha group need?" Jamie asked.

    "An Alpha group needs respectively an - Alpha, a beta, a gossiper, a smart person and a sporty person." Hannah explained. "Karin can be the Alpha, Jamie can be the Beta and I'll be the gossiper." Hannah said like she already had more gossip to share.

    "Why do we need that?" Jamie asked.

    "Because, the sporty person gets the respect in sports to make the group popular. If we have a smart person they gain the respect of the teachers. A gossiper can take other groups down by finding out secrets and stuff." Hannah explained. Karin and Jamie nodded like the actually understood why.

    "So we just need a smart person and a sporty person?" Jamie asked and smiled.

    "What about Karrie? She's really sporty. She is in the school's softball, soccer and basketball team." Hannah said as she stared at Karrie and all three of them thought of that possibility.

    "She would be good for the sporty type." Karin said and started think of other people to fill the the 'smart person' spot.

    "KAR – KAR!" Jamie called and Karrie came over.

    "Vroom Vroom?" She asked kind of wondering why she was called over. She was a very popular person with people who played sports. Her and Karin are good friends though. Get it? Like a car? Vroom? vroom? xD

    "Umm… a bit of an odd question but do you want to become a part of the clique? I mean so Kayla doesn't get the spot." Karin said.

    "Yea! Totally! I told my other friends that we should have done that but they said we won't succeed such pessimistic peoples." Karrie said and rolled her eyes.

    "So um Karin, are you the Alpha?" Karrie asked and looked at Karin

    "Yea, I was chosen for some reason." Karin said and laughed.

    "I think you would make a good Alpha." Karrie said encouraging Karin. It then hit Karin, an Alpha always has her people back her up.

    "Now just a smart person." Hannah said.

    "Who though? Who would make a smart person?" Jamie asked.

    "Who's that?" Karrie asked as she saw this new girl come walking.

    "Um… Tina I think her name was. She came from Iolani." Hannah said. "She came here because she has been having financial issues with Iolani and her Dad works here so she got a scholarship." Hannah explained. Iolani is a top private school

    "True gossiper." Karin said acknowledging Hannah's skills. Hannah thanked her and read the lips of someone's mouth.

    "4.2 GPA." Hannah said.

    "That's really smart yea?" Jamie asked. They all looked at her and laughed.

    "Let's go talk to her!" Karrie said and dragged Karin with her and they went to talk to Tina.

    "Hey!" Karrie said happily.

    "Hi." Kristin said.

    "Um… hi." Tina said and looked down.

    "Wanna come hang out with us?" Karrie asked. "OH! You were on the Iolani's soccer team yea?" Karrie said excitedly.

    "Um… yea, I remember you." Tina said. "You're that really good soccer player yea?"

    "Well I wouldn't say I'm that good." Karrie said and laughed.

    "OH! THAT'S TINA!" Jamie quietly exclaimed.

    "Elementary School yea?" Hannah asked

    "Yupz." Jamie said, and while these two were talking Karin and Karrie came back with Tina.

    "Hi." Tina said.

    "You went to Hanaman Elementary yea?" Jamie said.

    "JAMIE?" Tina asked in excitement.

    "Yea!" Jamie said.

    "Ohmygosh! I haven't seen you in forever... retard." Tina said and then smiled.

    "HEY! I'm not a retard anymore! I'm a weirdo." Jamie said proudly.

    "Still really weird huh?" Tina said.

    "Totally! That's how I roll." Jasmine smiled nodded.

    "Hannah! Ohmygosh! I can't believe it either!" Tina said and gave Hannah a hug.

    "I know right!" Hannah said and returned the hug, and Tina let go after.

    "Let me guess… you guys are planning to over throw someone?" Tina asked.

    "Um… Kayla." Jamie said and stared right into her eyes.

    "Hey." Josh said and gave Jamie a hug.

    "Hey." Jamie said and smiled.

    "Wanna go hang out after school?" Josh asked. "My house? Your sister's coming to hang out with Cecily." Josh explained.

    "Sure." She said and smiled.

    "See you later then." Josh said and then he left.

    "It's so weird. I always imagined your first boyfriend would be Trevor but now… I think it might be Josh." Hannah said and smiled.

    "We're just best friends." Jamie said. "And what do you mean by it would be Trevor?" Jamie asked suspiciously. Hannah just shrugged.

    "That girl… um what's her face… oh! Kayla, she's jealous of you." Tina said.

    "Seriously?" Jamie asked.

    "Yea, she must like that dude Josh." Tina said.

    "Well he is one of the more popular guys here in school." Karrie said.

    "How do you guys know each other?" Tina asked.

    "Well… our Sisters are like best friends." Jamie said.

    "Well… you might have the advantage. If Kayla can't get him, she would fail as an Alpha." Tina said.

    "Yea… so if you can get Josh…" Karin said.

    "So, we can go and throw over Kayla?" Karrie asked.

    "Yup…" Jamie said.

    "I'll find out if he likes you." Karin said.

    "Ya, we'll all help you." Karrie said and put her arm around Jamie.

    "Really?" Jamie asked. "But…" Jamie trailed off.

    "Yup, the first steps in becoming an Alpha Clique." Hannah said and look at Jamie. Jamie just looked down. She just thought of him as a friend…

    "We need a name." Tina said.

    "KJKHT…" Karin mumbled.

    "Huh?" Jamie asked.

    "Name… what do you think?" Karin said.

    "Karin, Jamie, Karrie, Hannah and Tina right?" Hannah asked, she was very good at unscrambling words and can hear stuff when people mutter something.

    "Yup." Karin said. "Nice job gossiper!"

    "I like it." Karrie said.

    "Sure whatever, I don't care." Jamie said

    "So pessimistic you Jamie haha." Karrie said sadly and shook her head.

    "Whatever Smiler." Jamie said and rolled her eyes and then laughed.

    "Fine Ms. Pessimistic." Karrie said and laughed

    "HA-HA Smiler." Jamie said, then Karrie started smiling and laughing

    "You smile too much Smiler." Jamie said and smiled.
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