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Topic: Should people take more responsibility for solving problems that affect their communities or the nation in general instead of believing the government should solve their problems?

A government under democracy should always be of the people, by the people and for the people. However a government exists, as the name implies, solely to "govern" people and their actions. Ultimately, society is shaped by the people themselves; the government only has a recognised means to take and sanction actions for the benefit of the people.

At the smallest scale, considering a single person, the government does not have the responsibility of baby sitting him through life; at a large scale, the same truth applies to a large population of people. Consider a society whose people do not recognise their needs or flaws, or make any attempt to fix them - the government of such a society is as useless as the people themselves.

After the devastation if the first world war, Germany lay in a pitiful state. The people were dejected and their honour besmirched as consequence of the war, and the interim government set up by the victors was utterly helpless amid the depression that swept the nation. It took the likes of Adolf Hitler, who injected such tremendous faith, pride and hope into the Germany people that their country recovered so astonishingly that they were able to start s new world war by invading two countries and putting up a great fight with several others on three different fronts. Regardless of the horrors of the second world war and the third reich, one single fact in indisputable: Germany would nev have risen so quickly to the power that it became during the war without the full support and dedication of it's people, which Hitler harnessed for his own ends.

Furthermore, if government fails to adequately address the demands of the society, it is up to the people to stand up for themselves and retaliate against the injustice. During the 1990s, the Bolivian government relinquished the control of its country's water supply to a multinational corporation which hiked prices drastically. This resulted in massive protests across the country as part of what came to be known as "Bolivia's water war". Eventually the officials of the MNC fled the country and the government took back control of the water, setting the price to a more affordable range.

A government cannot exist without people, but people can, and must, be able to survive without a government. Since the dawn of civilisation, the human race has been astonishingly self-sufficient, which has granted us rule over this planet. Our ability to take care of ourselves, especially under adverse circumstances, should be instinctive, whether there is a governing body to watch over us or not.