well, if your anything like me, at least a part of you is a huge fan of the 1970's-now progressive rock band Rush.

this is a thread to commemorate their albums.

so to start this off...

my favorite album is "A Farewell To Kings" tied with "Hemispheres"

mostly because they are 10 songs all together, and the end of a farewell to kings starts hemispheres (Cygnus X-1: book 1 and Cygnus X-1: book 2). the albums hold fast to a motif of fantasy, medieval stories, and the unknown. Hemisphere's has fewer songs, but they are all equally memorable and ridiculously perfect. A farewell to kings has 2 more songs (1 of which is just decent, but it makes the last song so much more powerful) and it just seems like a more complete experience. my advice, just listen to them both in tandem.