Today I took my friendship with Rarity to a whole new level. Everypony thinks Rainbow Dash is a lesbian but to be honest, I think she's just trying to find herself. I came out of the closet to Rarity though, and she totally understood! I couldn't believe it, I would have sworn she would have been grossed out but I had to tell someone. The best part is I think she might even be interested in me! She told me how lesbian fashions are en vogue these days and wanted to design my wardrobe! I know Spike is going to be super jealous so I sent this letter through Derpy Hooves. I just don't have the heart to tell the little guy, he's going to be crushed. Then again, if I wait a couple years be might come around to the idea of me and Rarity dating heehee. Anyway, that concludes me "friendship" report for today.

Your faithfull student,

Twilight Sparkle