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Thread: your grinding days are finally over :')

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    Default your grinding days are finally over :')

    it works... omg... :')

    (btw guys, i deleted a pointless post to make this. my 3000th is coming!)


    1. turn on your DS console

    2. if its a DS-DS lite: go into BW, go to internet settings.

    if its a DSi-3DS: go into settings, and scroll over to "internet settings"

    3. go to "auto-obtain DNS" on your main internet connection, and click on the option that is basicially "no"

    4. make the primary DNS the one provided by the website for you (they are all individually created)

    5. save the settings

    6. move to your computer, and make your pokemon the way you want it.

    7. press "customize stats"

    8. go into the GTS (NOT negotiations) and you should recieve your pokemon immediately.

    NOTE: you don't have to change your DNS code ever again to do this. you may do the process from 6-9 as many times as you like.
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    your welcome

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