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Thread: Nobody cares about your drug-related argument that has apparently never heard of citations.

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    Default Nobody cares about your drug-related argument that has apparently never heard of citations.

    But what about alcohol? My friends and I've been drinking semi-regularly since before last summer and it's now come to the stage where their parents are literally inviting us over under the pretence of barbeques and the likes for the sake of getting drunk. I'm usually sensible enough not to drink too much to not make a fool out of myself but what are the long-term effects for a still developing person such as I?

    Asking here because if you guys don't know it'll be funny anyway. Also, Wikipedia is boring.

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    Well if legal issues aren't a concern, then your big problems are as follows...

    Addiction. Booze is very addictive and you'll get hooked, that means the other cons come up more often and it's pretty tough to get unhooked....

    Liver damage.... booze screws up your liver... if you have friends with clean livers that are willing to give theirs for yours... this is also not a problem.

    Occasional memory loss... if you get TOO plastered... can be bad... can be helpful on occasions.

    Loss of inhibitions... like Memory loss this is a two sided coin... pros and cons.. hell it's the main reason many people drink....

    Feelings of euphoria... some people hate that.

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    aside from the liver damage and addiction, alcohol is relatively harmless so long as you stay responsible. a lot falls under that, but as long as you aren't a dumbass about it, it's not all that unhealthy.
    except beer, a lot of beers and mixed drinks will make you fat if you drink a lot of them. wine and some liquors can be very good for you in the long run if you drink them moderately on a regular basis. I think red wine is good for your heart or something to that effect.

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