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    Default Khawner: a masterpiece

    hello, greetings, halloo, and hurumphga.

    i am the well, known and very economically successful tycoon pants the sandwich. i'm here to tell you a story of a man, well... if man were the proper term to describe such divine brilliance that one on the website of mewgrounds dot comm could emit. his name is... Conner Labia.

    His massive appeal to the internet came in 1998 when he was bought the nintendo 64 entertainment system for his birthday. the gift of this marvel of machinery was to put Conner into the deep descent of the internet. his companion of whose name i am not at liberty to discuss, gave him the game "glover" for his nintendo 64 entertainment module system. at the start of the game Conner couldn't figure out how to move glover around the screen with the analog controller, so he asked his parents if he could use the internet for a few short moments. they accepted to his request.

    He doe immidiately into the vast information being thrown at him, Amazon dot com, Ebay dot com, and finally, he found a web page that would change his life FOREVER!

    (time lapse)

    in 2005, he got on newgrounds, a site he had just found that year. he begged his mom if he could buy a newly developed program called flash 8, and install it on their 256 kb hard drive. his mom accepted, and they rejoyced. after taking out the loan to buy such a wonderous piece of software, they realized that 256 kb was a bit too small for a program of its fortitude. so they had to buy a new operating system blah blabber on prattle, prattle and after a second mortgage, they afforded the computer.

    Conner was ready to do animations, and so he began. his first master acheivement that he let aloft on newgrounds dot com in 2006 was some sprite flash that noone remembered ever. khawner was born from the ashes. then he made another sprite film that he carved out of pine trees. again, no one remembered the movie. so he then lept together in 2007 with a bunch of rag tag animators known as the "sprite a day gang" and they made some sprite movies that everyone remembered. khawner was at last happy.

    in 2008, he joined an experimental movie about a young whippersnapper from the bronx named mario, where the group would make some jokes about the fallacies to jokes about him. the movie won an oscar for best supporting role in a drama and an academy award nomination for best cow in a drama. khawner was on top of the world due to the sucess of "the fat red suited blumber cllab", which was retitled "FAT" for the british, and again "FAT DICK BALLS" for the asians. khawner decided to shed his ego as the mighty and well-respected khawner, by creating a secondary account to relax with, which he deemed "KhawnerL".

    there he posted exploits of never-before-seen humore like putting sonic's head on a human body, and making birthday flash tributes, and other tidbits of hilarious comedic efforts.

    his legacy lies in these 2 URL's provided:

    his legacy, and his greatness, will forever live in our hearts. I love you khawner will you have my babies you fag

    your welcome

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