One of the silliest copyright-related bills I have ever heard of.

If passed, the bill will make it illegal to stream any content without the permission of the owner including, but not limited to, video games, music concerts, radio broadcasts, movies, and so forth. Anyone caught doing so will either suffer 5 years prison, a $2,500 fine, or both. Plus a nice felony charge on their record.

It's like the government WANTS to spend needless money taking care of prisoners just to make a few artists happy. Not to mention all the Youtubers who rely on streams for their income being out of work, and the hypocrisy of the whole thing from the government's side. I'm there's probably some better bills pigeonheld somewhere for the feds to spend money on instead of S.978.

Seriously, government. Stop it with the ridiculousness.
You just gained back some respect points from me for stopping CA's bill about making violent video games a crime, don't start losing my respect the very next week. D'oh. >_<