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    Please help. We are trying to find out where to locate the PalPark on Sapphire and we are trying to migrate Pokemon from these games. The guy won't let us in. Where do we find the PalPark on Sapphire and how do we get into PalPark on Heart Gold?

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    there is no pal park in sapphire. on heartgold you have is located in fuchsia city.
    what you do is place your sapphire game into the GBA slot on your Nintendo DS.
    When you start up heartgold (before you continue the game) there is an option to go to pal park and transfer 6 pokemon from you sapphire game.
    this will delete them from the sapphire game and permanently add them to heartgold.

    this option only shows up after you find pal park in fuchsia city in heartgold.
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