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Thread: which Pokémon games have you played

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    Default which Pokémon games have you played

    I've played every generation apart from the current Black and White generation. The only development seems to be that there's a few new Pokémon, there seems to be no gameplay changes so I've considered that maybe they aren't even worth playing. I can name none of the new Pokémon since Diamond and Pearl apart from the legendaries and the starters, and can otherwise name 493 which I think is quite an achievement and should serve as some kind of threshold.

    To me Diamond and Pearl seemed a bit silly. They'd ran out of coherent solutions which made certain Pokémon regional and thus stopped any the usefulness of any kind of cross-regional movement. When they released Heartgold and Soulsilver they were entirely for flavour, there were no Pokémon you couldn't encounter in Diamond and Pearl.

    Lumping all the Pokémon in Sinnoh seemed farfetched to me, and I suspect they've done something similar having lumped them all in Isshu, available by some kind of device you get at the end of the game. To me the fact that you can catch all the Pokémon in one place seems to be symptomatic of the fact that the games have become pretty ridiculous, not that Pokémon has died per se but that the series in general doesn't feel as original and adventure-orientated as it did. It also shows perhaps that Pokémon has moved on, and that all the old Pokémon are just novelties, things they're forced to include but that are forgotten by the current generation of players.

    What about you? Is your Pokémon history numbered, or have you played everything there is?

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    It all started in first grade, everyone around me was playing pokemon, and I wanted to play too, hey I was 5. I got a pokemon yellow, on an old game boy heavy, along with a few older games (Kirby, Jurassic Park, and some sort of Island Adventure.) Due to the fact that I was a first grader that could barely read, I didn’t get far although it still was fun. I have a few funny memories of that time, including not knowing how to save or to exit out of the name making programs.

    2 or 3 years later, I bought pokemon ruby. Don’t ask me how I missed and entire pokemon generation. Now I could read, but I still was pretty bad at pokemon. I actually got stuck in one part for 2 years straight. Angered, and confused, I dropped playing pokemon until fifth grade, where a nerd with a pokemon guide helped me out. I got passed that part and beat ruby, after that I finished up yellow and bought an old pokemon blue, and beat it too. Pokemon blue and my rediscovery of yellow is where I finally started to get the game. Once I actually started following the story lines, things started to pick up speed.

    In sixth grade I bought pokemon leaf green, and beat it soon after. At this point I was really starting to get the game, although some of the finer points I still lacked. Leafgreen was the first game where I actually made a team, and not just a bunch of HM slaves for my starter. Soon Diamond came out, and I bought it, but I stopped playing at the unown cave, and stopped playing for a few more years. I still lacked the knowledge of physical and special attacks, although even for what I didn’t know, I was still pretty good.

    In the summer of eighth grade to ninth, I started playing again, for the sole purpose to get all the pokemon in ruby. I ran into a ditch trying to get a dragon scale for Kingdra, so I turned to the internet. I remember that night well, it was the start of my birth to the internet. I joined yahoo answers and over the next 6 months I got most of my outright noobishness stamped out and learned much about pokemon. I started training pokemon competitively, and then joined PD. Around this time platinum came out and I bought it. Platinum was a joke, I beat it in a few weeks without trying.

    Then, I left, like most 10 posters. With was another 6 months until I joined PD again, this time with a much better understanding of the competitive world. I proceeded to become an active member of PD at this time. My battles where infrequent online, and I learned little about the real battle scene. It was only when Hicky started up the pokemon league that I joined shoddy battle and actually learned how to really play and make a team correctly. At this time I bought Heartgold and beat it, although due to the shear amount of training you must do, it took me a month. A worthwhile game, it had a certain charm that Diamond and Platinum lacked.

    I battled on shoddy over the summer, although admittedly I still was pretty bad, but it’s a work in progress. When I saw that black and white where coming out, I stopped playing, I didn’t want to waste my time with this old generation anymore. I switched to replaying many of my old games, which I still do now, a year later. Around December I picked up battling again and have been working hard on it since. I am pretty decent but still lack a certain skill to get to the very top, and I might never get it either. Black and white, came out, I beat them in a week, a good game, but I have no clue what to do with them now, as I don’t feel like restarting the game just yet or raising pokemon on it. Black and white was just too fast for my tastes, every fucking town had a gym, I wish the elite 4 was after all the towns, not half of them.

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    I've beat Sapphire and am still playing LeafGreen after beating the Elite Four. What game should I get next? I like the animal-ish Pokémon, and I want to try out the entire Eevee descendant family. What has a good Pokémon selection and yet still has tons of things for you to beat, do, and figure out, so you don't beat it too quickly?

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    My first game was Pokemon Blue- I played it for hours and hours, even went through the whole game about ten times.The next one was Pokemon Crystal, and I liked how much more depth was added and everything, though I still loved Blue best. Then came Ruby, and Emerald which I loved. I pretty much didn't get any of them after that for a while because I was busy with other things and didn't find the time to play them anymore.
    I've been playing Platinum recently, and I'm not sure if I'll get Black/White yet. Probably will sometime, just to see how the gameplay might be better because I'm not really a fan of the new pokemon. I've stopped taking pokemon that seriously tbh, I can't name the new pokemon, and I just play through the game for the fun of it.

    I've never played HG/SS either.
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