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Thread: Ruby and Sapphire remakes

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    Default Ruby and Sapphire remakes

    The games are approaching their 10th anniversary, which if we follow the pattern implies remakes. Do you want these?

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    People will buy them. They will make money.

    I liked them actually, I think most people just outgrew pokemon and use faulty logic to claim it was the series which got worse.

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    As mentioned, the pattern does show this will be next, which is a shame because My first game was sapphire and I really liked that generation. Not to mention that despite them finally coming up with a few good new ideas, the originality and overall "wow factor" of the new generations has really kinda started to fail. Although i have little doubt of more generations, I really dont look forward to them let alone the remakes which although providing the game on an updated platform, usually brings changes, some nice, but others rather unnecessary.
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    I liked that generation too, but this is getting old.
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