I want to ask you about PD. I know this place has been around a long time and survived terrible wars. I think it has kept it's spirit which is unique compared to other places.

So I want to make some statements about what this forum is and isn't and see if you agree.

1) Although this place is loose and not totalitarian I expected it to be overrun by trolls. There are trolls but not the same type as else where. I notice PD isn't like the 4chan culture and no one here likes memes. This place is so anti-memes I didn't even know about meme popularity in the rest of the internet.

I'm curious how that was kept out?

2)This place is laid back and people don't take them self to seriously. It's been more serious in the past as wars and arguments have been driven my competition and change. But none of the stuff that happen was due to self important duch-bagery.

Why are most people on PD friendly?

3) Mod abuse did happen on PD and there were fights between mods. But their actions didn't require bureaucratic consensus from other mods. That means that some bans would be undone by other mods. Some how this didn't cause massive infighting. Also at no point did mods seem to collaborate to ban members. I guess that is because mods didn't require other people's input. In general the will of the forums stood above the will of the administration and Tim took it to extremes when he gave up his power.

Why is the forum as a whole more important than what the people in power want?

I know I'm babbling nonsense but after joining a few other forums I have to wonder how PD kept it's community feel. While other places are just plain hell.
If we had alot more members would this place take a turn for the worse?