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    Exclamation What you newbies really need to know

    I'm surprised that no one has made a topic like this yet, especially because of the rush of newbs that have suddenly appeared. Well, this is a helpful topic that will make it so that in the first week of posting, people don't post "What the fuck your name here?" in any topic you post in.

    Pokedream's actual rules

    First of all, nobody cares if you swear your head off, as long as you don't go "Fuck you, you dirty shithead, you're a retarded cunt" in every post. That won't get you any respect (although hilarity may ensue), but the occasional swear to emphasize your opinions never hurt anybody.

    Pornography is not very much respected at all, thank you very much. Unless the porn is leading to some crude joke that may be found funny, I suggest you don't just post a bunch of random sex pics (unless you're Leo).

    Stay on topic. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you're in a topic about Pokemon Breeding, you do not talk about yesterday's math assignment. Either start a new topic in the appropriate forum or search for a topic that talks about homework. Of course, most Miscellaneous and Spam forums threads flow into the off topic, but don't just do a sudden, random turn-around.

    L337 Speak, LOLspeak, and excessive smiley use is severely unappreciated. SPELL YOUR WORDS RIGHT! DO NOT TYPE IN CAPS! Nobody likes a person who talks like this: ZOMG! DYOU WAN TTO BE ON M BUDYY LST LOL!!11111 And, by the way, nobody wants to be your buddy after they see your first post. Especially if you talk like shown above.

    Guide to each forum(s)

    NOTE: Titles in red are posted in very little. Titles in blue are special

    Pokedream Discussion

    Erm... talk about Pokedream. Post here and you're probably clinically retarded, or something has actually happened on the website.

    Pokemon news center

    Unless you are a news reporter, you cannot make a topic here. You can discuss what the New Reporter just posted, though.

    Pokedream Forums discussion
    Glitches? Problems? Did the forum delete a topic again? Take it here. If you want to talk about forum behaviour that's for the misc.

    Newbie Introduction Forum

    Unless you are granted the title of "Cool", I suggest you just post welcoming and talk to the new person. They want a good first impression, don't they? Unless they seem like an idiot, they will greet you in turn, and go on.

    General Pokemon Discussion-Pokemon Connection

    Generic Pokemon stuff. Forums range from posted in a lot to rarely posted in at all.

    Team Building
    The reason you probably joined in the first place was to get a good pokemon team, or try to impress all your friends with your knowledge on how to build teams. If you want to ask for advice about your team, please refer to the "Moveset Template". Surprisingly active as of late with the help of Kirby.

    Miscellaneous Discussion

    A place for all the cool people Don't fuck around here. Maybe you'll be successful, maybe you won't. But please, if people are telling you to post less/more, take their advice.

    Where Discussion Takes Place

    This is for serious stuff, so please don't fuck stuff up. Please?

    [color="red]Anime Discussion[/color]

    Do I really need to explain this?


    Other video games, movies, blah blah blah. Actually has a pretty good track record for staying on topic.

    Music Discussion

    Talk about music. That's it.

    Spam Forum

    Basically, the noobish equivalent of the Misc Discussion. If you are new and you just want to chat, come here. Some of the members here you might like, but do not get too attached or else, well, I won't go into this.

    Pokemon Art Gallery

    Start a shop if you think you're good enough at drawing/spriting. Do not try to steal images from other places, we will find out if you did. This forum used to host its own group of people, only about half of whom actually post in other areas. Just like many post-colonial areas, this vibrant culture has been lost to the dredges of time.

    Pokemon Lyrics

    Post a song, basically. I have no idea why this still exists.

    Fan Fiction and Writing Forum

    Spell check, grammar check, read over, and check if your story makes sense. Comments and ratings, even though they can sometimes be harsh, should be taken in, and not ignored, you might find them to be helpful.

    RPG Board

    Quizzes and games go here. Play along, and you'll find some of them to be fun. Has gotten not very exciting as of late.

    RP Board (Role Playing Board)

    Please be as literate as possible. Read both Guides to Role playing and read some RPs to see what it takes. Sadly inactive as of late.

    Legacies of a Pokemon Dream

    Legacies is right. This thing died before it really got off the ground. Still, if you're interested, you can check out PD's attempt at a massive pokemon RP.

    Pokedream Classics

    I actually recommend reading several of these. Some of them are pretty hilarious.

    Cool People Circle

    You won't be posting around here any time soon, that's for sure. Envy the elites that have access to this Paradise.


    Contributed by CL:

    -- Don't act like you're smart just yet.
    -- Intelligently interacting with the mods is good, but PLEASE don't go "_____ from ______ can totally kick your ass in debates", especially to people like fullmetal, pikatwo, tim, etc.
    -- Don't post into misc. until some people approve. If you're flamed in the misc, leave it.

    A tip by pichubro: If you read the Misc. and decide that being random is the way to go, and then you make a thread about teapots, try at least to sound smart. Who knows, it might be sucessful, but don't go around posting random images of ducks (this has happened in the past) or saying something over and over in every thread like a broken record.

    ~ Plus, the random-as-possible slot has been filled in by Ripdo and Khaos, who pop up from time to time.

    But, randomness isn't the key to be liked. Just have a cool, but unqiue personality that isn't totally annoying and you might move up into the ranks of the Misc. posters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fullmetal View Post
    If you are confident, people follow.

    Pokedream Slang

    PD- Pokedream
    RP- Pole Playing
    Northlands- Any forums above Misc. Discussion
    Southlands- Any forum below Misc. Discussion
    Newb- Newbie (New person)
    Noob- Annoying person.

    Members to look out for

    Basically, members to not piss off.

    God- Otherwise known as Tim, he is an elitist Admin. Don't be daunted by his Admin powers, I have almost never seen him use them. But he's still got the whole godfather thing going on, so beware.
    Pichubro - You'll be hard pressed to piss her off, but when you do... well, bye-bye
    Devil - The hardest and most undefeatable internet badass of all time. Even established members are not safe from his wrath.(Currently inactive)
    Mario the Black Knight- A very good flamer, but he doesn't have any mod powers. (Note: he always posts in black font.) (Currently inactive)
    Mex- or Casey, she doesn't have any mod powers, but watch out. Went crazy and deleted many of her posts then left the forums. (Currently dead)
    KG- Probably the most "Mod-y" of mods, KG actually enforces rules sometimes. (Inactive)
    Pikatwo- A mod, he is very aggressive but over-all a quality poster and stunning intellectual. (Partially Inactive)
    Xion- Please don't get him mad, or he'll delete every post you make. (Comes on, like, once a month and posts one massive thing then leaves)
    Giant Squid- He's not really that mean or anything, and nobody's really been able to make him really angry yet, but I wouldn't want to be the first to know what happens.
    Peeki- Old tyrant of the RP Board, he is lenient, but beware. (Currently inactive)
    Dogar the Brave - An old elite, recently made a return. His swings aren't directly heavy, but his hits from the side all over the place will wear you down faster than you can say "I like the cock". Uses his vast-reaching admin powers for evil.
    Hicky - Used to be an alright guy, now he will attack viciously and spontaneously. Don't push him or he will tear you to shreds. Newest member to the Pokedream Elites Club (Partially active)
    Pokegun - The likelihood of him cutting you down is about zilch, but he has back-up on all sides, and through some social loophole you'll feel bad flaming him. (Partially inactive)
    Rayne - As of late has become quite the vicious poster. His critical but frank posts have earned him a spot as a tough guy of Pokedream forums. (Partially inactive)
    Lord - Originally made a mod just because it would be a funny troll. Has risen from most despised to alright guy. May be the only member to actually exercise his mod powers aside from Hicky. (Partially inactive)

    Members to not associate with as Best Friend

    Alas, if you stick with these guys and always stand up for them, you will be considered a Noob. UPDATED:

    Pants, and the Beat Dwelling Within - Ugh

    For those wanting to get into the same community but with no Pokemon, check out (the now tragically inactive)
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